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Anime dere girls

Which anime dere type of girl do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which anime dere type of girl do you prefer?

    • Tsundere
    • Yandere
    • Kuudere
    • Dandere

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Okay, quick explanation instead of OP. Dere girls are those that go between two emotions quickly in a weird form of love or some shit, and either they're being total pricks or they adore you (I believe that's yandere). And... I don't know much.

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Can we get subtitles here?

Not all of us watch the Japanimes enough to be hip to the jive.

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Tsundere-Standard "Harsh outside,soft inside" type,acts rudely but is really a huge softie after you break through their shell.

Yandere-May appear all-loving and kind at first,but can get very aggressive,obsessive and violent when it comes to her or her lover's affections.

Kuudere-Initially acts cold and distant,but becomes affectionate after they open up to certain people.

Dandere-Might appear very silent and even emotionless at first,until someone "pulls their trigger" and it comes out that they were just shy.


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Dandere. I'm a sucker for shy girls through and through. Tsundere is also very cute because most of the time the Tsun is a result of denial of her feelings.


I recently watched a show called "Inou Battle in Everyday Life" and it gives all four of the caracter types, somewhat. I found myself rooting for the Dandere type the most, so I figured that's how I would respond to this. Also, Trigger makes amazing anime and you should watch everything they ever make.

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