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The Neverhood

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If ever there was an underappreciated gem of a Point'n'Click adventure games it's The Neverhood.

It's an insane adventure set in the titular world of the Neverhood.

The game's done entirely in claymation, which would technically make this a Full Motion Video game.


The game's story is told to the player through interacting with the world and locating discs left by someone named Willy.

These discs tell a story.

Story about good, story about bad. These discs are all that are left, of the true story, true story, of the closing, of the third age!

The game's strong points are definatelly the bizarre and surreal enviroments, mind-twisting puzzles and some of the best music I've ever heard in a video game. All the music in the game is instantly memorable.

If you're starved for a great adventure game you're in for a real treat!



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One bit of advice is that the game sometimes requires you to do some leaps of logic. (For one, in one of the rooms with closed doors you hear a bell ring, and one of the rooms in the place the game starts has Rings you can pull, if you pull the right one the bell rings and the door open), so just play in Derp Mode and make sure to keep a pen and paper handy, the game will not bother to remind you if you say forgot to write down a code.

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I'm still playing through it, but thanks for the advice. I had to consult a walkthrough to get the gist of how the game operates -- but now I'm happily running solo.



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