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Awkward moments

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I recently put up a college story about one of my most awkward moments on tumblr and thought that maybe others have a few of them they're comfortable enough sharing, so here's a thread for that.


As for my story,


Back when I was in college, when I just started getting into the 3D aspect of game design, me and a few of my friends from the same class were in the student library working on our homework. I don’t necessarily remember what we were working on but the program for the class was Autodesk Maya. Well, Maya isn’t the most stable of programs, and it likes to crash a lot when you don’t know what you’re doing, and at the time we didn’t know what we were doing. So naturally, we’re sitting there jokingly talking mad shit about Maya and how it literally is just plotting and waiting for perfect opportunity to crash on us and make us lose as much work as possible, etc.


All of a sudden, some woman nearby gets up and angrily storms over to us and starts going off about how we are the rudest and sickest people she’s ever met, and other such things about how we only act that way until confronted and how cowardly we are. Eventually, after about 2 minutes of us just staring without a clue as to who this person was and why they were so mad at us, she packs her things up and storms out of the library.


I later found out her name was Maya and she thought we were talking about her. God I felt bad.

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Sounds like one of those moments which opens an opportunity to make it up to her by, say, inviting her to dinner... :-)


Mine was slightly more embarrassing - I was submitting a course work on industrial automation where I had to design an analogue control network to automate some metallurgical machinery I was also designing. I thought I was very clever and came up with a network that I was sure would work but it broke a few rules which the professor (female) expressly taught us were "unbreakable". When she saw my schematics she rejected them, so I started to argue but to no avail. So she told me to just remove my clever bits and dumb the whole thing down.


I was livid and as soon as I walked out of the room I loudly declared to my waiting friends that she was a stupid b*tch and that she knew nothing! I was expecting some commiseration and sympathy from them but got just blank stares and silence instead. So I turn around and there she stands, the professor, smirking at me... :shock:



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Holy fudge Rarity, I've been laughing for 2 minutes now. My sides hurt. XD

And Vapy, God. XD Un-luck-ee.


As for me. Gosh. I've had many embarrassing and awkward moments. Let me try to think...

Okay, here's one from my deep long past history. X3 It was when I was like... 5. Yet I remember it so clearly.


I was in the car with my older siblings and we were parked in the carpark of a shop. My mother had gone in to get some food. All was going swell. I was in my little kiddy chair in the backseat, my brother beside me, my sister on the other side, and my eldest sister out in the front seat. Suddenly, they were all starting to panic. I didn't understand what was going on so naturally as a little kid I started crying. Then they started fiddling with the controls at the front of the car. I thought they were going to leave mum behind. I started wailing going; "NO! Leave it alone!". Mother came back to the car and started driving us home. Turns out my mother forgot to put the parking break on and the car was slightly going backwards. I thought my siblings were kidnapping me. XD Oh how weird I was.




I have the best awkward moment ever. Strap yourself in. X3 Long story.

People worthy of a name:

- My awesome English teacher, Mrs Rowden

- My grade 12 friend, Maddie.


Basically... it started off as a joke. In class, every one was taking turns reading a character's dialogue in the play that we were studying together. One line was; "They were squabbling on like talking parrots." One of my classmates somehow ended up reading it as; "They were squabbling on like talking potatoes." As she was reading this out loud, the whole class burst into laughter. XD Including me and the teacher. It was so damn great, that we decided to make a list of funny moments in our English class. There is many moments written on this paper. Anyway. Next lesson: My teacher is talking to us about the playwright's writing techniques. She's writing this all down on a document on the projector for us to look at and copy ourselves. She writes; "Simile" and puts down the example; "They were squabbling on like talking parrots." A good twenty minutes later and it was break time. Everyone went out including the teacher for some fresh air. Except me and my friend Maddie. We just kind of glared at each other.

"Do you want to do something evil?"

"Oh yeah."

We look towards the computer. I quickly sneak over and change the example. From "parrot" to "potatoes". We laugh evily and sit back down just in time as the teacher walks into the room. We act like nothing happened.

Next lesson: I was almost spewing as the teacher hands us printed copies of the document she wrote (and I secretly edited). I checked. Oh yeah. It still had my devilish edit. XD I was half trying to not laugh, but half ashamed of myself. I keep quiet though.

Next lesson: Everyone is teasing the teacher. They apparently thought that SHE made the mistake of putting in "potatoes" instead of "parrots", and whilst the teacher and everyone else was laughing over her "mistake", I just kinda awkwardly slumped down in my seat. XDD It was my fault, my joke, but everyone blamed the teacher. It was so sad and depressing and awkward. XP Oops. Sorry teacher. I'm going to tell her eventually. At my graduation maybe.


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PM me if you have any questions or concerns! :D

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