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It's definitely worth the wait.


Are you listening, Valve?

They arent listening if they were they would have r3l3as3d th3 gam3 w3 hav3 b33n waiting for that involv3s th3 numb3r thr33 and is all about sci3nc3

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Number of 3s in post: 16

Number of posts (including this one): 22

22 - 16 = 6

Most common numeric value of Valve titles: 2

6/2 = 3



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Binky....Nothings been proven but one thing is for certain that can be proven.......GABEN cannot be praised for anything until the ALMIGHTY of the number 3 comes out for the Life that has been cut in Half and has been shown a new Portal to find a new Team to take on a Fortress and then be nearly killed and Left 4 Dead.....unless he can deliver I am sticking with praising the Kojima and the Power of Kojima since the power of Kojima has given us a Peace Walking Snake Eater named BIG BOSS!!!!

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well Binky I should apologize, I dont really like Newells promise of Episode 3 he had talked about in 2009....he really rubbed me the wrong way with it.....and 2 i only think those whom try to convert console peasants like me to pc should remember i cant convert until 3 arrives when 3 arrives then i can convert

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Is it just me or is anyone else wondering where the usual mid month check in from Ross is?



I assume hes either busy working on something or enjoying some time off or all of the above but the second part is just a dream he had after he fell asleep from exhaustion in the middle of a project.

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