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Decent laptop

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Hey just wondering if there's anyone out there that could give me advice on the best gaming laptop out there.

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Asus laptops aren't bad, but you have to be careful about overheating. Overuse will cook that thing in about a year if you aren't careful. Though I'm gonna assume the same goes for any gaming laptop.


I got one from newegg but it was the $1250 one and not the ROG. Skimming over the specs, the ROG looks pretty solid. It's better than my laptop and mine can run quite a few modern games on good settings. Though that 15 inch screen is gonna be pretty small at 1920x1080. The 17 inch screens are kinda hard to see at that rez.


If it's within your budget then I recommend it. Treat that thing with care though.

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I honestly wouldn't recommend any laptop under $1000 for gaming, as a well built $600 desktop will do better. Decent gaming laptops start around $1600.

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