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"Lori S. is the frontwoman of the stoner metal band Acid King. She formed the band in San Francisco during 1993, along with drummer Joey Osbourne and bassist Peter Lucas. Since that time, Lori has been the lyricist, vocalist and electric guitarist on all of Acid King's recordings. She is known for her hypnotic vocals and heavy, low ended guitar sound."


Always good to see female guitarists in a genre as male-dominated as metal.

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Tomasz Sommer

"Tomasz Krzysztof Sommer (born 16 October 1972 in Puławy, Poland) is a Polish writer, journalist and publisher. Sommer graduated from the University of Warsaw Department of Journalism and Political Science, and received his Ph.D. in Sociology at the School of Social Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Philosophy and Sociology."


Dammit BTG, add facts. :P

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It's a mountain in Antarctica, mapped in the 60's by the USGS and U.S. Navy, and named after a hospital corpsman and U.S. Navy CPO who was in charge of Palmer Station in '66. In Google Maps, it looks like the edge of a plateau at the listed coordinates, not a mountain range.

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"Konoe Nobuhiro (近衛 信尋?, 1599–1649), Ōzan (応山) as a monk, was a kugyō or Japanese court noble of the Edo period (1603–1868). He was born the fourth son of Emperor Go-Yōzei. His mother was Empress Dowager Chūka, or Konoe Sakiko by birth. Nobuhiro was adopted by Konoe Nobutada, his maternal uncle, as Nobutada had no legitimate heir."


It also mentions that 'Konoe' is the family name, so I guess it'd be like saying "Scott Ross".

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^Oh god, that movie. It was based off a sketch from a noontime variety show. Don't ask me about the plot, i'm willing it off my memory.

(Happy Birthday! btw)



Some guy managed to breach Buckingham Palace twice, had an "audience" with the Queen, and upon arrest, was only charged with a theft of a bottle of wine than for trespassing.

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You're a veritable source of forum fun and frolics, Jeb :3 I also happen to be a fan of random Wikipedia browsing, especially when I'm brainstorming ideas for any topic relating to alternative history, monsters and different locales for Fallout.



Seldom Seen Roadhouse (located in Victoria, Australia) was a 1960's petrol station until being destroyed in 2003 by bushfires.


The whole article reads like the intro to a seemingly innocent but actually mysterious SCP.

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