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(Another?) MIDI 'expert'

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Be praised accursed fellowship of the Ross *not worthy*


I couldn't help to go through some Game Dungeons for the 66th time and Strife reminded me to come here, sign up, offer my humble service and maybe discover some musical gems.


First of all: I'm not necessarily a MIDI expert. I'm a hobby musician mostly creating electronic music these days, so at leastI know what MIDI is, what it does and how to work with it. Originally however I play the guitar, ranging from 'metal towards the noise spectrum' (thx Ross for that term) to fingerstyle acoustic. I can't read any notes, tabs and pianorolls only.

I grew up with a lovely Atari ST 1040 and like a lot of people spent more time listening to soundtracks than playing. Needless to say I love 3-channel 8-bit chiptune music, especially the C64 when I think of what composers like Rob Hubbard could do with it. Sorry Amiga, your sound is just too advanced ;) But I digress...

As you might expect I did do/attempt some remixes in the past. I still suck a bit at mastering and some project files got lost over time so I'm sorry for not offering some demos just yet. 'Finalizing' something epic but will be getting to 'salvaging' some stuff, especially if this thread attracts some positive feedback :)


That all said, I'd like you to come up with some suggestions on songs that deserve a modern rendition. However, I'm not talking about just ANY song. I'm looking for: polyphonic, driving/groovy, minor rather than major scale (aka "nothing too happy"), would go well with metal, a pinch of epicness, all platforms viable.

To give you an example of (game) OSTs:

Descent 2 -


Skyrider - The only song there is (1988?, Atari ST, kinda obscure)*

Warhawk - (C64, Hubbards best IMO)*

Supremacy/Overlord (C64) -


Aquanox -


Raptor - Call of the shadows




Yaay for random formating! lol

* = already working on, **want to work on


Also: nothing 'more advanced' than MIDI, except maybe modtracker or whatever they used in Terminal Velocity & Fury 3. AND: Doom, Duke, Quake etc. have all been done!!! ;)

I think you get the idea. I'm very specific about this because there is just too much good 8-bit and game music out there. Let's see what I missed in the last 20 years or so ;)


For the more technical people:

If you own original hardware and can record tracks individually, that would be a huge help. Emulation works fine (mostly), but it's not the same. If you could also manipulate it at the source, like adjusting tempo or pitching, that would be ideal. It depends, but usually nothing can beat the original sound of an analogue square arpeggio with PWM, so I like sampling. :>

No urgent need, just throwing it out there so it's included in the first post.


Now I'm getting hungry and I'm almost through the live stream recording from yesterday. However, did play with the cat a bit as well during that time. She's taking a nap in my lap now. Super cute, super warm. Can't get food though :(


Anyways, until next time my accursed brothers and sisters. I'll be linking something here when it's 'almost' done.

No power to online only games! :problem:

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