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Hey boys and girls,


Since I suck at making stuff up, I'm interested if anyone could help me with picking a new nickname I could use online and in games. My previous nicknames usually suffer from not sounding that good and often being hard to actually pronounce.

I'm looking for something that is:


  • easy (-ish) to remember;
    would be easy to pronounce in English over comms and such (!!!);
    even if the name is not that easy - it could be easily called in a shortened name that makes sense - e.g. Silverman or in short - Silver etc;
    would at least little bit stand out and is not too generic (e.g. John, Marine123, Warrior123 etc.);
    wouldn't be too game specific that only works in a single game or single style of games (e.g. JamesRaynor (makes sense only in sci-fi) or WarriorPriest123 (makes sense only in warcraft style games) etc.)

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How about "Bishop_FezDog_"? :D

If you really want one that fits you perfectly, you'll probaly have to think it up by yourself or maybe ask someone close to you who knows you well. What I did for mine was just to look around in my room and combine the two first things I saw into one name, and then gave myself a cool title because I'm vain like that. And what's wrong with "Fric" anyway? "Fricles"? "Fricleman"? I like it.

Or you could just call yourslef "Dick Rockard", that's a good one too.

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Let me describe to you the process of which I use to come up with nicknames.


#1. Create list of things you like or things about yourself, can be nouns, verbs, adjectives, whatever.

#2. Select a few and put them into a thesaurus.

#3. Find some sick as synonyms.

#4. Slap your favourite words together.

#5. ???

#6. Profit.



Words; Silver, Flow, Curious

-> Thesaurus ->

Bright/Argent, Flood/Flux, Inquisitive

-> Favourite words ->



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For me, I like ninjas (mythological ones, like Naruto), and I thought it would be funny if a ninja was also psychotic. So my advice, think of something you like, and think if there's something else that would make that thing funny, or an oxymoron of that thing.

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I've always been rather inordinately pleased with myself for coming up with my own username, based on a quotation from a German artist named Tim Berresheim on his particular drive for making digital images. Going the oxymoronic route or just jamming an unrelated adjective to an inappropriate noun can be a easy way to conjure up some memorable names, "EgoRaptor" or the Jim Stirling parodying "Jam Starling" spring to mind. I'm also fond of usernames seemingly normal-ish first names followed by a absurdly macho surname, I recall a sporadic user on the last.fm forums who went by the name Rex_Thundercock. Have you considered vowel alliteration? Anything that plays with a e i o u can be fun: "Ava Eva Iva Ova Uva", "Fae Fee Fie Foe Fue" etc.

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When I chose my user name, it was because of what was fresh in mind. I had just seen Pirates 5, so naturally that was in my head ;) Just be spontaneous and see what pops out:









Something that's on your mind

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