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  1. If only you could play Nintendo games on other consoles...
  2. okay, fair enough Ah really? I didn't see anything so biased in the article, just thought it explained things a bit more simply.
  3. Interesting, the server percentage is a bit less than I thought actually. Are they your stats or official? In terms of Windows vs. Linux, this comparison sheds a bit of light on the web servers: "These two operating systems have dominated the web-hosting market for years and compete today for digital hegemony, with Linux maintaining a noticeable lead...While Windows offers more complex functions for structuring work and communication flows, Linux scores with its status of being the preferred option for web applications, such as content management systems."
  4. VR has come... but here to stay? I don't know about that From what I've experienced, VR is a fad. I tried it a few times and it was maybe interesting for 15 mins, but then I just wanted to chill with a normal controller and TV. Is anyone super 100% in on VR? Would be interesting to know the 'for' side of it.
  5. How much percentage do you think Linux users represent? I get the feeling it's very small. I hear a lot about Linux but never know who actually uses it :/
  6. That's cool! Are you into emulators too? Raspberry Pi, etc.? Something i like the look of..
  7. Listening to the sounds of Paris Literally... just cafe noises and French people talking. Kinda relaxing
  8. Does anyone think you can 'finish' a sports game? I guess you just keep playing until you get bored or until a new version comes out. It's a bit crazy how many FIFAs and NBA 2ks there are. I've literally just got used to mastering the 2K17 controls, and now a new one is right around the corner :/// i usually buy those games every 4-5 years tho
  9. Just saw Lego Batman it was.... pretty bad I loved the Lego Movie and thought Batman was a great character, but his own spin off? Mistake This was a fun 5-minute comedy sketch drawn out into a feature length movie. A few good moments but really a waste of time. Not that excited about the Ninjago movie. 2/5
  10. When I chose my user name, it was because of what was fresh in mind. I had just seen Pirates 5, so naturally that was in my head Just be spontaneous and see what pops out: coffeefirstthing needmoretoast ihatetrains whereismykey etc. Something that's on your mind
  11. Finally finished Halo 5.... was really fun, but the boss battles ruined it They were so hard and repetitive... you gotta fight the same boss like 4 times. WTF
  12. Gonna wait until this comes down in price, but will only buy for Zelda
  13. A new steering wheel So much more grip
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