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Machinima for kids

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Hello guys.


Most of us were present during the golden ages of machinima (2007-2013). Ross being one of the main exposers at that time and still has established a high standard of quality for what the genre can achieve, and so have multiple other producers.


''Machinima'' in itself as a term got overshadowed by the company who took it as a name. Originally the term was just meant to define movies made using game engines and assets.


I've noted a resurgency of the genre in the form of videos specifically made for one of the most profitable audiences there is, young, small kids on youtube. In case youre not aware, channels for KIDS content are extremely profitable and extremely popular, reaching absurd levels of popularity. And it is common practice for noob parents to just hand a tablet to their kids to make them stay quiet or distrct them at all times, and a lot of that time can represent views, specially because kids don't mind watching the same content over and over and over.


This video is one of the less-popular ones but a good example on how people really can bank on this kind of content while making 1/26th the effort ross makes per video.




Take a look at this one with 4M views: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9RzcdJ86ZE.


Most of these videos have ads enabled. What do you think of them? I find it annoying that so many of them are filled with branding and characters which get embeded in the minds of children way too much. There's whole compilations about mcdonalds happy meal animated trailers, I believe it is a bit conditioning for the minds of kids but so are lots of things... and production is really, really low cost with almost no dialogue, shitty animations/models/maps/lighting, it all sucks.

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I commented on one of these that the content should be more constructive and generally engaging and that the author should put more effort into it because honestly even for a kid it's way too shallow and he's making a ton of money not to be able to improve it in some ways. And the worst thing is that it works like a charm. There's videos like that with dozens of thousands of views.


Now, knowing this, it would be amazing if somebody with the caliber of Ross or even similar would make GOOD machinima for kids (or for all ages really) to counter the shitiness that is the status quo in that genre.

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I mean yeah, they're pretty shitty, I guess some of them are a necessity for young creators to get all this retarded stuff out of their systems before they begin to mature and make better stuff.


SOME of them...

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