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Wolfschanze 1944: The Final Attempt Remastered

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The name seriously is that long.


Wolfschanze 1944 is a 2006 WWII FPS that nobody has ever heard of, to the point that almost all documentation of it, other than my video on it, is just a copy-paste of the game's blurb. I've never seen anything past the first level in all of the research I've done on it, and the game was bugged on my computer, which made it crash and delete my saves every time I died, so it's quite possibly another uncharted territory situation. The mouse acceleration is possibly the worst I've ever seen, but the game radiates passion from the amazingly ad-hoc lip syncing and acting. The game is still available for download for $4.99 on its itch.io page at https://calaris.itch.io/wolfschanze-1944, although I've seen it go for free quite often, and if you claim it, you can keep it. I probably wouldn't drop a fiver on it, but hey, I'm not your mom. That page is also really weird because it seems extremely unprofessional in all regards, despite it being the official storefront for the game, so I guess that's an offshoot of it being foreign. Apparently the game also runs on an entirely custom engine, which is a bit strange.


A sequel was also apparently developed by another developer, City Interactive, creators of such classic series as Terrorist Takedown and Battlestrike Call of Victory, games that we all know and love and know. I have yet to play it, since it's apparently only available on Deutsch Amazon in German, which you can find at https://www.amazon.de/City-Interactive-Wolfschanze-2/dp/B002TKEVKO. If you want, you can get a boxed copy for $10. I'm sure it'll make a great conversation piece. The sequel kind of looks like the outcome of importing CoD:WaW maps into Stalker, then maxing out the contrast.


From what I can tell on GiantBomb, the original developers, Calaris Studios, touts a pantheon of obscure garbage, so I guess that they may have made some other, uh, things.

I make stuff. Look at it at https://www.youtube.com/user/MadmanEpic. Or don't. I can't really tell either way.

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