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Interstate76' - Game OST

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I may be showing my age with this post but 1997 game of the year. The 70's funk soundtrack was recorded on original 1970's equipment to guarantee the correct sound.






A Quote from this site.. http://www.localditch.com/interstate-76/music.html


The music in I '76 is one of the game's signatures. To capture the spirit of the '70s, a band was put together to record 70 minutes of funky music for the game. Bullmark, consisting of Arion Salazar (of Third Eye Blind fame) on bass and keyboards, Tom Coster on keyboards, David shul on guitar, Les Harris on horns, and Brain on drums, was formed.


Notable Notes:


* The band's inspiration? Cop shows and porn.

* Van Halen was recording nearby and Eddie dropped by during the Bullmark sessions



I have the game discs and have ripped MP3's from them but the scratches cause errors. I eventually found a full Flac rip on a private tracker. Activision dumped this title in the long long ago so I am not sure how copywrite goes.


I recently bought the game again on GOG for $5. But alas they hadn't fixed it enough to get it to run on 64 bit win7 without major headaches.


Here are some tracks on YouTube

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Activision dumped this title in the long long ago so I am not sure how copywrite goes.

If it's not being supported and it's over 7 years old, it's likely abandonware.

Abandonware Definition

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