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  1. Dude, Grid is not related to Race Driver 3. It is the most arcadey game ever.
  2. You cant overly focus on realism in a simulator. You should read the requests thread for rFactor2, some people want it to a level even I gag at. http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.php/682-rFactor-2-Developer-Q-A
  3. Lol, You can't do simulation on a console silly. You also can't do it on a gamepad. Forza and the GT series are just bad arcade racers. Not sims. My measure of if something is a sim is can you complete a lap of a track the first time while trying to go fast? Yes, arcade.. no, crash burn spin.. sim. Bro in rFactor. With a Shelby Cobra. In any other game this car would probably be a special unlock-able super-car that guarantees a win every race. Watch him try not to die.
  4. The star wars category should be split into two. Episode 1,2,3 and 4,5,6.. anyone that checks 1,2,3 should be immediately banned from the forums pending castration and hanging. Worst movies ever. No debate. http://redlettermedia.com/plinkett/star-wars/star-wars-episode-iii-revenge-of-the-sith/
  5. Unreal has just previewed it's new engine. Here. It shows the detail on hair and shadows and awesome reflections etc etc. But nothing about the map size or what looking out upon the rest of the world looks like. Narrative doesn't have to mean linear corridors and invisible walls. Creativity and Calculation? I can only see having no limits add to both those gaming categories. IE.. You Need to enter a secure city. Instead of attacking a gate or going around the corner to find an obvious helicopter waiting, maybe you could travel the 12-15 miles to the airport your last mission took place. Remember there are no loading screens. Point A will still be there when you reach point B. Puzzles could be larger. Adventure.. . ADVENTURE? really? If the game develops and is as good as I hope. Nobody will doubt it.
  6. Why? I see no reason it wouldn't work in all earth based games. The Data required to render from a mountaintop to the entire horizon around you 360° is only about 40MB. Plus the 1CM accuracy of objects on the ground make it a waste to do with just flight sim's. The only time a flight simmer is concerned with the earth is takeoff and landing. The rest of the time a real pilot is just seeing a patch of sky and instruments. I think a flight sim is the least important use of this engine.
  7. No Squint can do text separately, remembers your setting and can globally resize all web pages and modify the colors a web page uses. I can't live with a white youtube.
  8. Then on that subject. I recommend everyone grab the addon NoSquint for FF. https://urandom.ca/nosquint/ I use it to make everything bigger but I am sure you can use it to make everything smaller. Also ImageZoom is handy to shrink unruly large images or blow up tiny ones.
  9. Best worst speed run I ever watched was for Phantasy Star on the Sega Master System. I think it was 3+hours.. alot of it just fighting the same sea monster to level up. Remember that game from childhood. Whole family played for weeks calling sega for hints and tricks.. Terrible.
  10. If I could have voted Farscape three times I would have. Absolutely the best sci-fi series I have ever witnessed. And the only one on the pole with only one human throughout. Everyone else was an Aussie accented alien!
  11. will do. I thought all new forums had auto-resize scripts at this point. Also why 800x600. Who is running a 15" monitor nowadays.
  12. Procedurally Generated Tree's WIP SEE FIRST POST!! Quote from Developer. 1. What are the system requirements to run this engine? The engine is GPU-centric and requires a DX10-class graphics card with OpenGL3.3 drivers and 512MB of GPU memory. As the minimum should be considered an Nvidia 8800GT. Although the engine can run on lesser cards, it can affect the overall smoothness. Alpha builds don't contain all optimizations yet so this recommendation will likely change for finished product. The min-spec's aren't what I would call low because it does have a decent demand on GPU over CPU. Most of it is run completely GPU side to eliminate the lag of going from one to the other. This is not a game system for joe average. You need to be a gamer with a gamer's PC to run it well. The attention to detail the 2 programmers show in there tech-blog and on the forums leaves no doubt in my mind that they will continue to develop until realism is paramount. Other than the 2D sprite tree's there are also only 4 ground textures, no environment shadows and no clouds. But it is still the most beautiful environment I have seen. Compared to the fully finished and "polished" ArmA 2 virtual reality engine.
  13. No, compared to skyline suckerpunch was citizen fucking kane... That movie blew chunks all over my $10.25
  14. Or id Software, or any of the other great innovative developers... I personally would like to see what Blizzard could do with it. My only concern with one of the behemoth's using it is they would probably, easily be able to buy it outright and make it proprietary. Flash 10 mil cameni's way and I am sure the whole project would go underground for a year or two only to emerge as a mediocre game in an engine so stripped of its crazy innovative features to save size and min-spec's that it would be a waste. What I am more looking forward too is if Outerra itself becomes like Steam. Imagine opening up a steam like games list. Only instead of multiple games everything is in the world of Outerra. In there could be any number of developed game environments with different objectives, tweaks and modelpacks all auto-downloaded via the internal torrent protocols. Want to race cars. Bam. Load the Race sim environment. Roads are laid, the menu for car selection is loaded and you go. Want to kill aliens? Bam. Choose the invader or the human race and have miles and miles around a populated large city as the battlefront. Want to play lord of the rings? Bam. The terrain is twisted to form a 1:1 scale of middle earth. Complete with magic and trolls and caves. Want to Play Asteroids? ... BAM.. your in space and shooting asteroids. Even if you don't use the immense size and instead play counterstrike in a large skyscraper. Just looking out the shot-up windows to this... would be worth the mod being created.
  15. Having never read the graphic novel I could only base Watchmen on what it was, a movie. And I believe it was the best movie I had ever seen in a movie theater. It held nothing back. Shoot a preggers whore?.. No problem! Nearly X rated sex scene?.. Yes. Unappologedic violence?.. two helpings please. Then there was the length. No point in aiming for 2 hours on this. 3hours6minutes and I wouldn't have it any other way. On my patented movie rating scale Watchmen was a 9.5 .. 300 was an 8.5 and Sucker-Punch rolls in at 7.5 In my scale there are no 10's or 1's until you are on your deathbed and can see no more movies. 9 is life-changing (no comedies allowed).. 8 is great.. and 7 is good. You can work out the rest of the scale yourself. The Happening was a 4.0! The .5 gets tacked on to any movie you want to see again. eg. American gangster was an epic movie, 9.0 ,it doesn't earn the .5 because it was a little too slow and a bit long for the subject matter and I probably won't ever watch it again. So there is SuckerPunch in a nutshell... 7.5 Will watch again and good. Not great.. and certainly not life changing.
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