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I wonder if Ross has ever heard of Kaiserreich...


It's a pretty cool mod for Hearts of Iron 4/HoI:Darkest hour. Its basically "What if Germany won WW1?" set in 1936. While the mod is still in alpha, its already much more fun than the base game with many cool scenarios (Socialist France and Britain/Civil wars with up to 8 secessionists or more/Mongolia with Genghis Khan II/etc.) and flavor events to it.


But what is the most interesting aspect of Kaiserreich isn't the game itself but the community. Most of the community are at /r/kaiserreich but there are some in the Paradox forums as well. I don't think I've seen a community with extremist left and right, as well as centrists and monarchists discussing memes and the serious plausibility of each scenario in the lore, without falling apart in seconds. The community is one of those rare gems that brings true diversity and works better with it. There are even people who sometimes mistakenly believe they are in the Kaiserreich timeline (though probably jokingly).


I'd love to see Ross's thoughts on this (unless he isn't a fan of alternate history) because Kaiserreich is probably one of my most favorite video game mods I have ever played. I can't imagine a life without this game.


Here's the map of Kaiserreich (though not up to date as the South America rework update was recent)


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Meanwhile, my retarded self never, NEVER managed to make Kaiserreich work neither on Darkest Hour, nor on HoI III (I'm waiting for the next extension to be released to buy HoI IV) ; teach me your ways, O dark mages who managed to play that!


I don't know what I'm doing, but whenever I try, I can play for a month, and at the first autosave, it just freezes for a couple seconds and boots me back to the desktop. Fuggg :DD

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