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I also tried hitting enter and had the same problem.  Thankyou for the solutions.


The other difficult thing to do is delete quotes:

4 hours ago, RaTcHeT302 said:

You cannot select them like a region of text and then hit backspace.  Instead you have to click on their titlebar and then hit backspace, or manually tap backspace through them. 


There are many things in plain old [bbcode] that we take for granted [/bbcode].  We only realise how good they are when the difficulties of more complex systems arise.

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I think I know why the quote splitting doesn't work, it's because of it only allowing splitting quotes between tags (i.e. in the end of a paragraph).

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Hmm -- here might be a test. 


Try and split up this message into two between this sentence and the one above.


(EDIT: dang, it splits my formatting up properly)

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