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Repository for the closed captions/transcripts?

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As someone who's watched through all of Freeman's Mind multiple times, I generally know what's in each episode. But sometimes, I'm not sure, and trying to find the exact clip where something is said becomes difficult.


Since there's closed captions for every video, I'd think that having the transcripts or closed captions for each episode being available on a separate page would be helpful. That way, if someone wants to find out what episode a certain line is from, they can just search for it, instead of poring over the videos second by second. Wouldn't be too difficult, unless the closed captions/transcripts aren't saved anywhere.


Anyone else think the same?

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Hello there!


While I do have a repository of captions for nearly every video and oftentimes foreign language translations of videos, what I don't have is a way to easily search for the lines.  You'd have to download the files and do a grep or whatever it's called or whatever it is on your OS, in order to find the lines.


While it is conceivably possible for me to create a website of every word of every video, Freeman's Mind Alone contains over 100,000 words.  I do not have the time to learn how to create a website and make all the videos searchable.  Too busy with other things.  Sorry.  :(



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