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Videochat November 2018

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Hey, Ross!

In the videochat you mentioned how you were interested in playing a Sci-Fi shooter, and mentioned that you were interested in Advanced and Infinite warfare. I can't say if those are good or not because I haven't experienced them, but what game I CAN say fills that niche perfectly is Titanfall 2.


The game was developed by Ex infinity war developers, the people that were responsible for the best parts of Call Of Duty. They left Activation because they weren't happy with the games direction, created Respawn entertainment, and went on to make Titanfall 1 who's story mode is locked behind a multiplayer gamemode, and doesn't really matter that much at all.


Now Titanfall 2 on the other hand.... has a singleplayer story that is genuinely the some of best Sci-Fi video game storytelling I've played since Bungie Halo. The game normally goes on sale for like 5 bucks because EA doesn't care about it and that is the biggest steal of the century if you ask me. I don't want to go into it to much, but I'll also say it has the best time travel mechanic I've seen in a game.


Now I don't to start going all crazy conspiracy theory while recommending this game but... EA wanted this game to fail, and they did all they could to cause that. The games launch window was video game suicide, it was released right in the middle of Battlefield One's and Call of Duty infinite warfare's. This basically rigged the game to start with the smallest playerbase it could launch with, and I can't help but feel like I know why. At the time, Respawn Entertainment wasn't owned by EA, EA just published for them. EA released the game to fail, so that eventually they would run low on money, so that EA could buy them out and use them to make more games for them with much tighter control than before. Which is what has exactly happened thus far. Titanfall 2's community is small and dedicated, but its dying slowly and knowing EA I'm not exactly convinced the game will live for much longer. I don't think I've ever seen a case of a company sabotaging its own game quite like it before.


I don't know how my video game recommendation turned into the ramblings of a crazy Titanfall fan, but the history of this game is almost as deep as the games lore. So... Yeah, Check it out for Sci-Fi mecha action!


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The environmental records of socialist countries like the USSR laugh at the notion that capitalism is particularly bad for the environment, or that capitalism's successes are due to disregard for it.


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I loved how your reference to Warhammer 40k in regards to "spy checking" echoed my exact thoughts.

That was the first thing I was thinking of before you even mentioned it.

"No! You can't follow me, you don't have any money! That's the whole point!"

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Congratulations Ross. With that Captialism rant you can qualify as a coked-out, benign subway hobo that lectures a silent cart during the afternoon rushhour. 


Just kidding. You put a lot of research and effort into answering that question when most people would just give a half-answer and move on. 

"Fleet Intelligence Coming Online"

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