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>Seduce more


The robot has begun walking towards the door to get some fresh air. You have a sneaking suspicion that the guard could get disarmed by your exceptionally charming good looks, despite how miffed he his. Like Jenny said when you were in college, "there's nothing boobs can't solve." Such wisdom, Jenny. Surely this logic is infallible and not doomed to catastrophic, embarrassing, painful failure. And the quickest way to produce breasts is to produce your breasts, of course.


The guard is actually so miffed that before your hands can actually reach to the bottom of your shirt, he gets a shot off. You can hear how close that round zipped past your head. The robot sort of lunges up onto the platform that separates the main level from the deck where the doors are. Since your hands are at the edge of your top instead of holding onto the robot, you tumble backwards. You land sort of prone on your legs on the deck as the robot continues on, punching the guard with both fists and shoving the door out of the way. The guard looks like he's been pretty badly punched. The robot is now into the hallway. You get up, dust yourself off and begin to run after the robot.


You're standing in the doorway that the robot just forced open. You can see you're in a large, underground complex. It's well lit and has a big, roundish hole in the ceiling, so it was probably built into a sinkhole or cave. The facility has blocky buildings to the East, domed buildings integrated into the rock face to the West. You're at the South end of the complex, on the wall-side of some large landing pad that has other big robots moving about hoverjets. There are other visor guards on the decks up towards the landing pad. You can't see what's to the north, because the landing pad construction is so big that it occludes your view.


The first robot smashing through the door has created quite a noise, so all attention is immediately on that robot and you.


>Seduce more emphatically


"Hey!" you shout, lifting your top.

You neglected to remove your bra, so the gesture was more erotic by implication rather than what they actually could see.


In any case, the robots' eyes have all turned a bright shade of pink and are now turning on the guards, dropping their loads and punching or throwing men with red visors and laser guns. It seems you have at least a dozen bulky robots doing your bidding now.


Directions are North, West, East

Items in area are Bra, lasergun(1), visor(1), lasergun(2), visor(2), lasergun(3), visor(3), lasergun(4), visor(4), lasergun(5), visor(5), lasergun(6), visor(6)...

Characters in area are Robot, Robots

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As you put your shirt back down, it occurs to you that you may need your physically attractive features more in the future. You disconnect your bra strap, remove it and slip it into your inventory. The girls feel quite grateful.


Liberty is sweet.

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You hear the voice in your head again. It's trying to imply that you're a ho. Wow, rude.




Since you have a crowd of robots that seems to be obeying your every whim, you decide to stroll where you will, and let your hips guide you. The robots filter down the catwalks of the landing pad and form three rows that follow your lead. All together you look like a scene from Bollywood, doing a gyrating dance and the robots mimicking your every move.


The blocky buildings are before you. They look like the faculty offices and administration, as well as power generation systems. Large high voltage transformers are situated on the outside, as well as a big radar dish. It crops out of the side of the cliff like an upside down umbrella. Guards are standing out by the faculty doors but they're more bewildered by the parade coming towards them, rather than angry.


You really wish there was a beat to this dance. You beep a tune, and the robots begin to harmonize and come up with sick dance music on the fly. One of the guards is tapping his foot to the tune, but the rest aren't really sure if they should shoot you. Like, maybe you're hired entertainment or something, seeing as the robots aren't squishing you.


East is a giant blast door. North is the electrical substation. South is a group of guards watching you.  West is the landing pad.

Characters in area are dancing Robots, bewildered Guards.


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[Errrrr yo guys requested contradictory orders. West and "the blast door" (East).]


>Sing East

You begin to sing about your villainy, now that you have a squad of robots doing your bidding (apparently). Two robots that are pretty on point force the large blast door open. You sway as you take stock of your new region. Before you to the East is a larger cavern space, with a very giant robot, sitting dormant, mounted partially to the side of the mountain. You continue with your song, shimmying up a hot storm as the robot squad picks you up and joins your parade, dancing in accompaniment. Men in white coats and yellow hard hats run in sexy terror before you. As you seemingly hover, held aloft by the two lead robots, other robots smash and punch armored cars that pose a threat to your hypnotically suave hips.


You stand at the balcony, overlooking the giant giant robot, and you have a cape now, blowing dramatically in the wind.

To the North is a white coat man in a red hard hat, trying to cower under a clipboard.

To the South is a stairs down to the floor before the giant giant robot.

To the West is your squad of robots.

to the East is the cavern where the giant giant robot rests.

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On 12/4/2018 at 12:17 AM, Psychotic Ninja said:

Seductively kiss the man in the white coat.

[You take control of the situation. Psychotic Ninja is now the parser.]

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