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Maybe if we are lucky someone worked on a revival already. Without all that Pay to Win crap in it. I never liked the "wall hack" mechanic either.

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Apparently the PS4 port is still active?


" The PS4 version of Blacklight Retribution will continue to operate as-is since there are no game servers being hosted for it."


I like how on Steam they say 'Official Support Ending' and ask for feedback. So the mind naturally wanders into 'Unofficial' support. 


Digging into it, someone on Reddit asked, and the company or admin said:


"I don't see that getting done right now, as it would require development work to convert the PC client to P2P."


Other comments talked about Server Binaries or Source Codes but have seemingly fallen on deaf ears; and most of the community just shrugged and moved on. I wonder how the default reaction could be switched from meek and feel-good acceptance to "Oh, we'll handle it, give us the code!". "Oh, no biggie, we can take up the mantle, you guys go on ahead with your new project!"

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