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  1. I guess I can add Fallout: Tactics to the list. It switches up the Fallout genre, drags out the same old factions for another spin, but damn, I can enjoy it. The maps are detailed, the challenge is about right to force you to change tactics as needed, and the story, while cliche, fits Fallout in a way. I just wish they added more meat to the world than following, basically, the Kansas-Missouri river. They experimented, they changed things around, updated a few things. It's everything I want from a series, even if they could had used some more creativity or added more stuff.
  2. I think I found the one I was looking for: Ferion.
  3. That 27k thing is from Star Citizen. The whole thing is a big scam at best. Sunken Cost Fallacy Mob Defense doesn't even begin to cover the excuses people make for it. I think it garnered millions of dollars half a decade ago and is still barely playable. It's like, four, five games and tools in one with one half-cooked system to show from it. I think they *can* use these ships, in a hanger and in a PVP arena thing, but that's about it. I can go on, but mostly by comparing it to one of my old favorite game which was a multiplayer space MMO with crewed ships and persistent universe. It looked like ass, yes, but at the very least as a technology demonstrator, showed that it could be done.
  4. Oh those poor Russians what ever will they do being painted as bad guys??????
  5. They could easily make a few more expansions, but now that Homeworld 3 is coming out, and the game hasn't been touched in two years, it's unlikely. The war in the North Pole doesn't just end because some skirmish (and yes, it's basically a skirmish) in the desert killed their head-honcho. The Khaaneph need to be dealt with. Kiith Siidim basically started a second war on their own. Kiith Manaan and Kiith Paktu are still on the south pole. So on and so on....
  6. Too bad the remake is a mess visually and really cuts down on the meat of dialogue of the 80-90 anime.
  7. I was thinking about how Warhammer 40k doesn't need to be set in 40k. From m2 to m20 or whatever it's a formless gap. Just shuffle it down and crunch it down so it's 5k. Language still evolves; technology still adapts, earth still rises and falls; the Imperium can have 10k years of history in 1k. It's basically Rome anyway.
  8. Mankind is capable. Gigatons of Water vapour, Co2, and Methane over centuries in an near-perfect enclosed system has consequences. Mankind cuts down, overburdens, reaves and reaps the world; and then is surprised when their economies and states collapse; and try to blame nature for not being tougher, and never looks to itself for demanding too much. How many species has man killed? How many proud states have fallen because Man dried up the aquifiers, cut down the forests, closed up the rivers, broke the mountains? And how many more will die and how many more states will fall? We pump gigatons of Co2, Water Vapour, Methane, et al every year for a century or so. That builds up. In that regard; The IPCC has made a new report that'll I'll try get my hands on. An overview here has some revelations. "in a worst case high-emissions scenario, sea level would increase by 3 feet by 2100 and by 12 feet by 2300." (Let's face it, we're not meeting the Paris Climate Agreement). '...and to a loss closer to 70% in a worst-case scenario. In that high-emissions scenario, thawing permafrost could lead to a “release of tens to hundreds of billions of tons of permafrost carbon as CO2 and methane to the atmosphere by 2100 with the potential to exacerbate climate change.” For comparison, humans currently release about 10 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere every year, so this feedback could be equivalent to adding decades’ worth of human carbon emissions into the atmosphere if fossil fuel use continues unabated.'
  9. I got bored of watching the show around season four...when the Crystal Empire and Princess Sparkle showed up. And even then I just watched it as by-catch. I heard they were making a more mature spinoff/sequel, what happened to that?
  10. It was like that, but darker, in a way. Grimier. Hmmm.... It looked a lot like this, Galaxy Warfare. Maybe it was? This was almost a decade ago, a decade of updates since might had changed it....
  11. I've long looked for this browser game. It was a space game mmo. You played as a ship. Dark UI. You could jump to points via a X-Y-Z system. Top-down view. We're talking 2006-2007-2008. I think I found it via wikipedia but I could never find the list again even in history. I wonder if anyone else here played it?
  12. Finished Queen's Wish: The Conqueror. It ended poorly. I stumbled around the underworld, found the main enemy base. It was full of low-mid level creatures. What the hell? I go through waves of enemies without breaking a sweat. Finish. Get a slideshow cutscene using the main map for most of its imagery. I'm using tier 3 equipment; there's no real magical or Underworld equipment thereof. I just..I get that they're Retro, but twenty years later the games seem the same then and now. It's high time at least the eye candy went up a bit. Better pixel art, Music - at all - better assets, better quests, better enemies. I dunno...I recommend it if you can nab it on sale. There are highs and rises, not a lot of downers until the end. But it's milquetoast overall I guess.
  13. Now I'm interested...seems to have some sort of character creation, too
  14. I got Queen's Wish: The Conqueror. Wow the quality of Jeff Vogel's games have dropped dramatically. Though I didn't know it was his at first, which made it tolerable for a while. He's been doing this for a quarter of a century and got 98k on Kickstarter but everything is a step backwards. There's no music; there's little looting, and the writing is basic. The character customization is horrid and barebones. You're a spoilt prince who has never dirtied himself or lifted a finger for himself and your mother, the Queen, sends you off to retake a big island your Kingdom/Empire was ousted from. Take back the island, find out why Haven was ousted in the first place, return home to be judged. Build and upgrade forts; deal with uppity vassals (all of whom are in a civil war it seems) and all of that jazz. You're fighting for this. A swampland, a desert, and a dead magical forest around a plain. It's about the size of Puerto Rico, or half of it? It's...enjoyable. But it's a step backwards. If it was 2000 it would be fine. But 2020? What's going on here.... Will DLC expand on it? They reached a tier in the kickstarter for an 'alien' realm.... I'll finish it, it's not terrible, but it feels like it was made 20 years ago. I got a slew of other RPGs I've found lately from RPGCodex like Knights of the Chalice that might be a better fix....
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