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  1. Oh, sure, but someone is going to try to recoup and make a profit off of this. Microsoft ain't a charity, they have plans, even if it's just 'adding a new revenue stream to buff up our yearly profit'. And the only way they can do that is to make and sell product.
  2. I'll like to vouch for this, UnderRail would be interesting, though I get why he doesn't like em due to being Turn Based; though in UnderRail's case, if something DIES, it often STAYS dead. Humans don't respawn. You kill a abandoned mall full of pskyers? They stay dead. Some animals 'respawn' but that's more due to new guys coming into the new turf.
  3. UnderRail anything is fantastic, and I hope Ross covers it one day. But yea the forced bottlenecking is BS.
  4. "Have I ever told you...about...the future?"
  5. Apparently this was a purchase of 7.5 billion. What is Microsoft going to do to recoup that price tag? Are we going to see a huge flurry of AAA Video games in the early 20s now? A revival of dead series - ZeniMax had Arkane, id, MachineGames, Tango.... That's The Evil Within, new Wolfenstein, Dishonored, Prey, Arx Fatalis, Doom, Quake, Rage, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout.... And hell this means Microsoft has like, 40% of the 'game market'? If I'm saying that right? We're getting near monopoly turf.
  6. Looks intriguing, I'll bite. Will edit this/report back later.
  7. I'm interested in this scifi-occult mixture; thanks for bringing this up!
  8. I'm getting Underrail vibes for some reason (and maybe Age of Decadence and Pillars of Eternity, but I never really played either). Definitely going to look into this more....
  9. It's alright for a single-run beat-em-up/shooter; get on sale and enjoy the soundtrack and fights.
  10. 21,000,000 infected worldwide, 755kish dead, flu deaths globally are around 600k. World might hit 1.5 million dead by December. 5,400,000 in the US, 170k Dead. Flu deaths last year were around 62k dead. US might hit 200k by October, 300k by December. Top countries infected: USA, Brazil, India, Russia, SA, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Spain. And this is just what is recorded. Some don't report - intentionally or not. Some want to test more, some can't test at all. Some fudge numbers, some try to ignore it's even happening (Hello, Turkmenistan, NK, USA...). Global recession, most probably will lead to a depression in 2, 3 years time. Tens of millions unemployed, the entire post-information workforce was shifted to the home while suddenly counter clerks and couriers are the backbone of cities. What a fucking year.
  11. Hell it's why I like this forum. Ross doesn't give off edgy Alt-Lite, Alt-Right, Right-Wing, NeoNazi, or whatever energy. Ross is Ross. The most political he's gotten, to my knowledge, was in Deus Ex. And there he REJECTS and/or doesn't even mention the seedier conspiracies. He points out that...the rich are greedy and fuck us over. He doesn't go on a rant about the Rothchilds or Jews or whatever or even the NWO "At least...I don't think...". He just points out a alarming trend of technology, consolidation, the eroding of rights, and how Deus Ex shows a world that really flies off the handle, because there are actual Deep State/Conspiracy Actors at work there, and even then they fail all. the. time. Deus Ex ends up where it does because the assholes don't win, at least by IW and even if you leave out IW: The Templars get wrecked. The Illuminati suffer a civil war. Most world governments are 'said' to be under their thrall but it never feels like it. The PRC flushed out their roots though, well, they're still the PRC. The USA breaks down into literal civil war and environmental catastrophe. Sure the rich may be living a 'cushy' life but if I was a Illuminati member by the time of DX1 I would literally be getting my shit kicked in because of MJ12 which is where all the energy and clout went to. And it's not like the Jews Run The World in DX, anyone can join up, it's like the 1984 party; and the Royals aren't Lizards, and the races aren't being primed for war or replacement or whatever (and trust me DX could had shoved in all of that shit in '00. It is NOTHING new, but they decided to neutralize it in a way to be more enjoyable, accessible, and honestly believable). But yes back to what Ross pointed out about DX. If anything that's )(pointing out consolidation and disparity and the like) a rather 'leftist' thing to say these days, Leftists hate monopolies and the wealth disparity and outright greed of corporate-infused states and governments - but Ross lives in Poland where their Conservatives are barely where the US Republicans were in the 80s, if that. Their politics are more 'normal' compared to the Right-wing USA. And of course his focus is on games, tech, and the like. He's kept it rather apolitical so far as much as he can. Sounds like Uncle Zeb thought this would be a NeoNazi Safe Space...for some reason...are the YouTube comments that bad? and got mad when he saw me or Annie or whomever post out and about. Good riddance, trash. Maybe the Codex might be up your alley but I don't want to see more righties there anywho.
  12. Well, what is the Grand Vision? If it's a MMO where you can have multiple people on a spaceship flying from system to system with other crewed spaceships and systems with planets in each system you can walk on, I can say, yes, it is possible. It's been possible since at least 2006. One of my major pet projects is gathering as much data, and maybe even rights, to a dead game that did just that, Star Quest Online. Shores of Hazeron also does something similar? Maybe Dual Universe as well. But honestly I think Star Citizen's big vision is either, at best, at the hands of a Perfectionist called Chris Roberts, or to make money for a scam artist known as Chris Roberts. Therein is the problem, whichever it is. A perfectionist will never be happy with a product and either has to abandon it or be forced into releasing it. A scam artist never wants to release it as it's a cash cow.
  13. As in right now it's just a list of games with a search function. I think they're trying to organize it by length, genre, that sort of thing, the normal sort of thing they have on itch:io.
  14. Originally posted on Saturday at 08:21 AM (edited)- I have dealt with Itch.io in the past, it basically gives you the .exe like gog did. Got Butterfly Soup from there, Island Planner, a few others. I'll buy it, screw it. Most of it is uninteresting or shovelware but there are more than a few games I'm interested in. Now it's like 1.6k games. The only main problem or concern is, well, yea, the quality. You're not going to see a Fallout or a Baldur's Gate on Itch.Io, a lot of it is casual, a LOT of VNs, but there are some diamonds in there still. UPDATE: Bundle is over, as of two hours before this post. Now Itch.io is trying to organize the bundle, which will be okay cause I don't want to go through 1.6k games on a binge. They made 8.016 Million.
  15. Where'd this come from? I mean I guess the site will go on until its not paid for? anymore? How does that work? I can see some old forums I used to go to, and others are archived in bits. Hopefully Game Dungeon spawned a few more spiritual successors. Hopefully, moreso, Ross left an impact on the gaming world with his campaign against GaaS and deadware.
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