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  1. No? How do you get that at all out my post? I'm saying that development stalls here, and there's not enough replacing of older buildings as there should be. Hong Kong went from low-rises to high-rises under British rule. macau the same under the portugese. It's a economic-will thing.
  2. Too bloody long. I'm in NYC, so- NYCHA projects have been around since the 40s, 50s, 60s. Often what gets knocked down are townhouses and low-rises. Then, highrises and skyscrapers are built. If it's over 10 stories, it's not very likely to come down any time soon, unless sold off to some rich developer. But if it's public housing, it's not coming down because the state doesn't want to build new housing for the residents within, even if it means the houses are messed up electricity wise, maintenance wise, living standard wise. The plan back when they were made was sure, it'll be replaced in two generations, but that was the 80s, and the city was not in a good place in the 80s, so then maybe the 90s...then nothing happened...then the 00s....nothing happened....10s, now we're in the 20s. And all NYCHA can do is sell parts of their land off (there's a lot of empty garden space and so on) to developers to build on instead. Instead of, ya know, using that to make temporary housing for the residents and knock down the old buildings and make modern new housing that can house more for better? I mean I still support the selling off part of land anyway, but the city is basically praying that the building standards of the 40s is just good enough that they could squeeze out 100 years than 40 years out of these buildings. https://www.wsj.com/articles/nycha-to-sell-land-to-developers-to-raise-3-billion-for-fixes-11544652932 But, they're also already privatizing management of some units. I think the economics is that, surely, NYCHA thinks its too expensive to do in house...so they go to some new up-and-coming or small management agency and pay them less than what they would pay NYCHA and hope somehow that...what, the new parties want to look good performance wise and do more for less? https://therealdeal.com/2020/02/13/nycha-inks-1-5b-deal-to-privatize-management-of-5900-units/
  3. Coming back to this thread, The Void is a good film. It's not tied to lovecraft in any way but it's just a good film in the same sort of spirit.
  4. Let's just face it: Lovecraft wasn't a good writer. He was shat on in his own time, and his writings now are seen as very verbose, repetitive, and do what they won't say to do. It's more of the themes, elements, characters, and general plotlines in his works that hook people now adays than his own works. Mountains of Madness was a fucking slog to get through.... In either case, Color out of Space (2019) is the 'best' and most accurate or in-spirit accurate so far. Followed, far behind, by The Dunwich Horror, 1970. And both take liberties with his work, and The Dunwich Horror is just a pile of garbage. Everything else just takes a name from the Mythos and runs with it, or is influenced by his works.
  5. Is this about misleading 'buy' buttons? Hmmm...
  6. Some people have too much time on their hands.... If you don't like Ross, no one is forcing you to make him live rent free in your mind, or bitch about it.
  7. The fact that this thread is from 2013, and has probably been discussed seriously since the 90s, and will probably be discussed until the mid-century, speaks volumes. The US has problems. But most people who can influence those problems are working for their side to fix/win those problems by the established means, not abandon ship or wreck it all.
  8. Biden's doing what any democratic president would do, and it'll be undone by the next Republican president. Clinton passed the 'assault weapons ban' and he's still fucking alive.
  9. I can't speak for the Republican party but it's very easy for a leftist to throw their hands in the air in a moment of emotional desperation and say 'fuck it, let the opposition win, let them run stuff, show the rest of the country how bad it could really get' - accelerationist BS. It's self-destructive because the opposition doesn't just rule, it entrenches itself, and politics affects the world every second of a ruling administration as millions of people work together or against each other. That shit ripples. But it's seen as a 'nuclear' option, but thankfully a lot of it is hot air than anything forming on the ground.
  10. I've read the bible thrice over, and numerous times in snippets. What good will that do here? I love Ecc, the histories of Kings and Chronicles, and some parables. So try again. What, you think there's 'proof' of a afterlife or being because some Sand nomads and Babylonian exiles and then their radicals cooked up this stew of a book over the centuries? It is bloody affecting me right now. You think I like sweltering in a increasingly hotter sub tropic clime? You think I like having no more white holiday seasons of my youth, or snow storms that last a day and turn the streets into rivers by the week's end? My personal comfort is dented by it. That's what. Simple as. Why would I stop worrying about Syrians because a lot of them (but not all of them) are religious? Their bad harvests caused a civil war which caused destabilization and attacks throughout the west. It affects me. It affected people I know. It affects the government that overlords me. So try again. Everything is connected, everything is set off by the innumerable and minute choices and actions of thousands of years of civilization before, ongoing, and to come. Daeshi fucks have targeted NYC, I'll have you know. It also set off a reactionary wave in Europe, which further goes against causes I espouse, so, again. Affects me. This isn't superstition, this is stuff that changes how we live on the ground, day-to-day.
  11. I'm interested! I haven't found any First Persons of note late, neat.
  12. This may be a shock to you but since Athiests don't delusion themselves with a afterlife or imaginary friends, they know that we have one material world to share and maybe trashing it isn't the best course of outcome? We're also suffering from Climate Change now. expanding Droughts, the aquifers are drying up, wild fires, brisker winters, changing environs, this is happening within our lifetimes. Syria's whole situation could had been sparked by a bad drought, and look at the geo-socio-political ramifications of one measly civil war in Europe that sparked a Alt-Right surgence across the globe and all the domino effects thereof. NYC has become hotter and drier in my own 25 years. If I expect to live another 50 more, why live in a sweltering, worsening hellhole? So even if you think Atheists are selfish dicks, they're going to experience a changing clime in their own lifetimes, thus ticking off the selfish-concern box. But you won't care. Not with that loaded, biased' language. Maybe two other posters will give you a reach around and a few others to me but you're obviously not coming in here in good faith or with a open mind.
  13. 01/06/2021: Attempted Self Coup in the United States of America (failed).
  14. California is doing measures. ICUs around the country are approaching full capacity. And the US reached 301,000 dead. Fauci estimates we might reach 450k by the end of January .
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