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  1. Eshanas

    My Little Pony:FiM

    I got bored of watching the show around season four...when the Crystal Empire and Princess Sparkle showed up. And even then I just watched it as by-catch. I heard they were making a more mature spinoff/sequel, what happened to that?
  2. Eshanas

    Trying to remember old titles

    It was like that, but darker, in a way. Grimier. Hmmm.... It looked a lot like this, Galaxy Warfare. Maybe it was? This was almost a decade ago, a decade of updates since might had changed it....
  3. Eshanas

    Trying to remember old titles

    I've long looked for this browser game. It was a space game mmo. You played as a ship. Dark UI. You could jump to points via a X-Y-Z system. Top-down view. We're talking 2006-2007-2008. I think I found it via wikipedia but I could never find the list again even in history. I wonder if anyone else here played it?
  4. Eshanas

    Games You've Finished Recently

    Finished Queen's Wish: The Conqueror. It ended poorly. I stumbled around the underworld, found the main enemy base. It was full of low-mid level creatures. What the hell? I go through waves of enemies without breaking a sweat. Finish. Get a slideshow cutscene using the main map for most of its imagery. I'm using tier 3 equipment; there's no real magical or Underworld equipment thereof. I just..I get that they're Retro, but twenty years later the games seem the same then and now. It's high time at least the eye candy went up a bit. Better pixel art, Music - at all - better assets, better quests, better enemies. I dunno...I recommend it if you can nab it on sale. There are highs and rises, not a lot of downers until the end. But it's milquetoast overall I guess.
  5. Eshanas

    Post Your Game Findings

    Now I'm interested...seems to have some sort of character creation, too
  6. Eshanas

    Last Game You Played

    I got Queen's Wish: The Conqueror. Wow the quality of Jeff Vogel's games have dropped dramatically. Though I didn't know it was his at first, which made it tolerable for a while. He's been doing this for a quarter of a century and got 98k on Kickstarter but everything is a step backwards. There's no music; there's little looting, and the writing is basic. The character customization is horrid and barebones. You're a spoilt prince who has never dirtied himself or lifted a finger for himself and your mother, the Queen, sends you off to retake a big island your Kingdom/Empire was ousted from. Take back the island, find out why Haven was ousted in the first place, return home to be judged. Build and upgrade forts; deal with uppity vassals (all of whom are in a civil war it seems) and all of that jazz. You're fighting for this. A swampland, a desert, and a dead magical forest around a plain. It's about the size of Puerto Rico, or half of it? It's...enjoyable. But it's a step backwards. If it was 2000 it would be fine. But 2020? What's going on here.... Will DLC expand on it? They reached a tier in the kickstarter for an 'alien' realm.... I'll finish it, it's not terrible, but it feels like it was made 20 years ago. I got a slew of other RPGs I've found lately from RPGCodex like Knights of the Chalice that might be a better fix....
  7. Eshanas


    The epitome of Environmental Narrative games of the mid-10s. Good soundtrack. BEAUTIFUL VISUALS. Good for one playthrough. Rent it. Watch someone you like play it. Don't buy. Not worth it really. Then again, is any non-replayable game?
  8. Eshanas

    Game Dungeon Wish List

    On page 8, there was a post for X-com. I concur. The X-com series is great, OG, artificially made harder and smaller by out-of-tune Devs, has a lot of failed projects, then got a reboot that was commercially successful but divisive. Much like...Deus Ex.
  9. Eshanas

    Is there a Civil Protection OST?

    Ross typically does link/lists music around in the end credits or the description...unless it was OC? Hmm...this is an interesting question. The music is def enjoyable.
  10. Eshanas

    Last Game You Played

    I got so fed up with Icewind Dale - maybe I rolled a bad party, we couldn't deal with the Orc Shaman or even the Yetis as easily as I remember from childhood - that I went and brought and started The Temple of Elemental Evil instead. That party-maker felt more natural and I have high hopes. Two fighters - one Human, one Dwarven; a Halfling Rogue, a Elf? Cleric, and a Elf Evocation Wizard.
  11. Eshanas

    Games you bought recently

    I got Knights N' Bikes! Super excited for it. I've been following it since I saw it in Game Informer around a year ago. I like laid back, cutesy, but still solid games.
  12. Eshanas

    Ross's Game Dungeon: TrackMania² Canyon

    That map thing seems to be some leftover thing from the terrain? mapping these games use. In Fallout New Vegas, if you clip beyond the map...it keeps on going. It seems to be geographically correct, too, until you reach some water a hundred miles or so out. Why it was never cut or clipped, no one knows.
  13. Eshanas

    Games you like that others don't

    Carnivores 2 and Icewind Dale. They're not hated, but they weren't 'the best' even back then. But because they're what I grew up with, they have a special place in my heart. They would be seen with derision today.
  14. Eshanas

    Wargames: Defcon1

    The Iso Zone...went down? We really are approaching the end of the 'wild west' internet, sheesh. I didn't even notice....
  15. Eshanas

    Wargames: Defcon1

    Some forum post or guide form way back claims the sound are taken from command and conquer. I dunno about the engine, too. But honestly there's so little about this game...I should never had sold my copy. Nigh impossible to find now.

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