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  1. There's a lot of uncertainty going around as to what will really change on the ground. I, for one, am very interested in this. This isn't about sea level rise: we're still looking at around 1m, 2m rise by 2100; a lot will still be the same or easily walled off. By the time we're in the tens of meters, that's down this millennium and out of my purview. Here are some examples of stuff I've come across. And at the most extreme end, with little to no sources I've found, this map from Parag Khanna. He lists off a few sites and maps which I'll posit below. But if the prediction that we'll see a world 4c warmer by 2060 does come to pass, it's still a bad outcome. Extreme map that I can't find a source for: Maps cited by Parag Khanna: From New Scientist; and that only led me to one document here from the "Royal Society Publishing". That's quite a...difference. Parag is trying to sell a book I can't find nothing about, so maybe that's it. But yea, what do ya'll think? Rubel and Kottek's estimation has a lot of Siberia opening up, but arguably little change elsewhere. The map about desertification feels right, and that's been a big hurdle since the 00s and 90s: the Sahel disappearing, aquifers drying up in the South West, the Gobi. and the steppe. The weakening of Europe and the huge drive up along the Rockies? That's something we'll feel, for sure. Then comes Parag's map which I'm this close to just writing off as a fiction unless I get some data, and my bias is saying that if there is any data, it's being squished into a more recent timescale than what it presents. Speaking of data, let me add some IPCC numbers I read from the...2018? 2017? report. Okay, so the IPCC said: 100% certain that: less cold days, more warm days, the permafrost will decline by a third or so. The ocean will be more ocidic. No Northern Hemisphere Glacification before 3000AD. Sea level WILL rise beyond 2100; but for this century we're in the ballpark of 1-2m. It's very likely, (75+ chance of happening) that by the late 21st century (I'm taking late to be around 2066, 2075+) that the Ocean will deoxify by a few percent. There will be more warm spells, more heavy precipitation. The ocean conveyor belt will weaken but not collapse. More atmospheric CO2, methane, nitrous oxide. It's likely (60% chance or so) that the global temperature will rise by 1.5c to 4.5c. That means the 4c warming scenario is highly probable. Okay, sure. The subtropics will lose precipitation. Glaciers will decline. The Ozone hole will expand. More droughts. It's Semi-Likely (around 50? 40?% - flip a coin) that Tropical Cyclonic Activity will intensify. The West Antarctic Ice Sheet disappears, but only above 4.5C temp increase. It's Unlikely - around 33%, my note is '1 in 3' - that Antarctica and Greenland will lose all ice by the late 21st century. That's a bit high for something so drastic, with a sea level increase of...10 to 30? metres. That's... a lot. Very Unlikely - around 20%, still that's 1-in-5, too high for my tastes - that the Conveyor Belt system just...shutdowns completely. It's exceptionally unlikely, still around 10%, that we'll see a 6.0C increase by the late 21st Century. General stuff is that if we reach 1.6C by the 2050s, 9-31% of all current extant species will be extinct, most reefs gone, half of wooded Tundra lost. If 2.6c by 2080, loss of 25% of all large African mammals and most tropical rainforests. 60% of widespread and common plant species, and 35%% of widespread and common animal species will see habitat range shrinkage, up to a half of what they have now, by 2080. 20-30% of plants and animals will be subject o an increased risk of extinction if temps rise by 2.6c. If the temp rises by 4c, we're looking at the 40-70 ('flip a coin') range. 75% of South American aquifers depleted by 2050. This I think is important to note because, well, that affects people. That's what starts political crises and refugee movements. 20,000 more pollution related death per 'temp rise' (1c tiers?) There's an upside is that Temperate food production might increase and that's due to the climate zones shifting north. More Siberian, Canadian, North East, High European farming. 37% of all permaforst will disappear in a 2.6c scenario by 2100. 1m sea level rise will displace around 100,000,000. Now, there are other reports, of the last year or so, that have gotten a huge, how should we say, doomer reaction from the populace. What's in those reports? I don't know. I think one is from the UN and hasn't been fully published yet. What was thrown around is that it's all 'worse-case scenario' is basically the scenario we're getting or gunning for, and the number '8.5' is thrown around a lot which I think is basically 'we're going to warm up by 8.5c'. In what time frame I don't know. I don't think we 'only have 12 years' to solve it or '2 years or we're doomed', but extrapolating from it all, we should at least be prepared for the heavy end of Climate Change within this century or even the stuff for 2050. And since most of us will be alive then, that's something I think we should brace for. Again, what do ya think? Sorry for the number dump.
  2. Eshanas

    Adobe is planning end-of-life Flash

    After the big security ruckus two, three years ago, everyone should had moved over to HTML5 or so. Homestuck apparently did. Though, Flash was great. Lots of memories and lots of games played. Sadly, was.
  3. I don't like how my face is so stiff and has a resting bitch face. Near everything else I'm fine with. But I want my face to be more expressive, more animated, more capable of motion. Anime me up, yo. Do I need to go to some psuedo-yoga thing or something? Like how I managed to control and change my voice, is there something like that for the face?
  4. Eshanas

    The Surge

    The Surge piqued my interest but it was executed horribly. I hope the Devs do go on to make a sequel or another game in the same vein because there's a lot of potential here.
  5. Eshanas

    Salvaging a dead Game.

    Aye, that's our worst fear, basically just handing them a lot of cash just for the name. I do wonder If I can just talk to the original developers instead for the code....
  6. Eshanas


    Oh hey, Republique. I got it via Twitch; and it's an interesting game. You're helping a dissent or refugee girl flee her dystopian dictatorial Orwellian state, using the surveillance tools of that state against them to get her free. There's like five stages/chapters or so. Good art direction, though it might be seen as frustrating.
  7. Eshanas

    Salvaging a dead Game.

    I've come across this thread which sort of talks about the same situation. Just to make it more general. The game in question was StarQuest Online, a MMORPG where you had multi-crewed spaceships, interactive in game screens, planet-to-space-to-hyperspace connectivity (though I think some people tried to go from Sol to Alpha Centauri in real space and couldn't do it?), and a playing field at 1000x1000 LYs with huge star catalogs and generated systems with multiple alien races to find and play around with. I was notorious for being a genocidal pirate, then I shifted over to cultivating a colony. They were brought out by Nexeon Technology or Nexon? or somesuch, which might be a HUGE company with many local offices, or not. I'm just scratching the surface there.
  8. Eshanas

    Rate the Last Movie you saw.

    I saw Midsommar. It felt like the story cuts off half-way. There's no fighting back, no sweet, sweet justice on the Cult, no massive conflict. Which was the point, sure, but I'm tired of that stuff. I want the characters to make basic changes and go through a basic arc. They don't need to be perfect, but just team up, be better, then set the stupid cult on fire and kill them all. Still a beautiful movie, though.
  9. Eshanas

    Political Compass

    Oh, for sure, the Political Compass is just a quick and easy time-passer. But it does put you generally in the right place. If it all hinges on one question, well, just see what happens when you place a different answer for that question. Here's my 8values.
  10. Eshanas

    Discuss Your Philosophy

    <- Epicurean Hedonistic Optimistic Nihilistic Gadabout, I do believe.
  11. Eshanas

    Political Compass

    These threads always have interested me. I'm here. My 'drift' has been from low right Red to deep Green, though maybe I bounced up a point in either direction because of minor things, but solidly on a 'Soc Dem' basis. Mostly because I don't trust a state, detached from the people on all levels and all sectors, to actually care for anything but itself over time. States should be of the people, by the people, and for the people, and the people compromise and adjust as needed ontop of a bedrock of supreme law, checks and balances, self-rule, democracy, transparency, and participation. Now if only that could be made as easily and as much as people go grocery shopping
  12. Eshanas

    Post Your Game Findings

    Jupiter Hell is the spiritual successor to Doom RL. (RogueLike/Lite). That was turnbased, but you could cycle through it so quickly it didn't really matter, and I'm glad Jupiter Hell got the cash to take off. Pupperazzi looks like nice, relaxed fun. A few games are coming out now like that like Ooblets, Knights and Bikes?, a farming game, and that goose game.
  13. Eshanas

    Salvaging a dead Game.

    Hey guys. This is more about on how one, or a group, could get the code/source code of a dead game. In this case, the game was sold or handed over by the parent company who has all but disappeared back in 2009 or 2010, over to a Infrastructure-as-a-service/hosting company. That company then seemingly axed all the games it had, but it still exists. Do you think there's any, any way the video games could be salvaged out from that company? I've heard from a few fellow gamers that they contacted the company but it went nowhere since the guys they talked to didn't know. But could there be a outright legal process or business process to get the games back in some form? Or is it a lost cause? It doesn't help that the game has been down and out since 2014, and was brought in 2011. But who knows? That's only...five years in this ephemeral, ever-changing information age.
  14. Eshanas

    Wargames: Defcon1

    I have to be specific because there's two versions of the same game. On the PS1, you play it as a sort of shooter; selecting various units and blowing up objectives. In the PC version, you take control as a warlord, churn out units and buildings, and direct them to do the same. There are two factions: WOPR and NORAD; robots and humans. WOPR wants to take over the world, NORAD wants to save it. Now it was basically just a Command and Conquer rip-off, but I didn't know that at the time. I also didn't know that all early versions came with the Marburg Virus. Fun for everyone. You go through 15 missions per side, all around the world, from land to sea to the air, to destroy humanity or save it. It's probably written better than it was made, though the execution got it average (60s-80s?) reviews at the time. Looking back it was a cheaply made, rushed, asset-stealing and paper-mask swapping cash grab, but it was fun enough. You can't find this game anywhere - all I found was just the PS1 version. Maybe I should ask MGM themselves for the .exe....
  15. Eshanas


    Good setting, but I never finished it. Hmm. GA GaaS: It's on Gog and I've gotten the .exe with no problems.

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