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"Games as a service" is fraud.

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I just think this whole "lease" system for software is complete bullshit, I feel like Games as a Service \ Software as a Service is only used to just confuse people. When the whole system is in reality just a huge rip off. It's not like I'm leasing a house, I get that I have to leave the house, but why would I no longer be able to use the software I put a 1000$ bucks into.


And if you think that you have to lease your house or apartment forever, well...



If houses can do it, why won't software do it?



Because it's a giant rip offfff. It makes them moneeeeeeeyyyy.


It's not like they are using the extra cash to improve the software anyway, they are just sitting on it.

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Some are actually improving the software though... It's just not always done.

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