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Congress is trying to make an effort to prohibit gambling in video games

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Joshua David Hawley, a Republican Senator from Missouri, is proposing an act that will prohibit lootboxes and other predatory gambling practices within the games industry. I saw this on a Discord server, so I wanted to read your opinion about this. Will this act affect the entire U.S video game industry, or is it too broad and vague to make a dent?

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I don't know, if it stops games from dying, I'm for it? But otherwise, I don't see what the big deal is for the most part.


Maybe it's just me, but I sorta understand how artificial these systems are, and I could never see myself paying real money, to have a computer giving me some numbers, and a colored icon back. Like I'm paying two bucks, just to have the computer, pick a random number for me.


It doesn't matter if what I get also has, some kind of artificially inflated value, I spent two bucks on a PNG, but wait, the TEXT is RED and it's ULTRA DUPER RARE and... no come on, the people who waste money on this stuff, have either no concept of actual value, or are too irresponsible to handle actual money. I feel like if you ban something like this, people will just circumvent it, by calling it something different, or by simply bypassing the restrictions.


Again, I feel like, if you hand your kid a credit card, and you just tell him to go nuts on a game, you are a dumbass. If you can't even be bothered to raise your kids, and if you'd rather let some big corporation take care of them, you are most likely, just working too damn much.


Maybe this is part of a larger problem? Maybe most parents are too busy, so they just, hand kids over a phone? But it seems so abnormal to me, I used to have people complaining, day and night, that I was using my computer too much, even when I was spending most of my summer outside, I was biking around and whatever, it was boring as hell, but I did it. I liked to explore around the area, but my parents never let me wander around too far.


Can't blame them though. But, all the people who complained about me, that I was wasting my time with all this technology, are ironically, actually addicted into social media now, and they are stuck to their phones 24/7. I've seen people going into the bathroom with their phone, that's disgusting. I get bored after 15 minutes of browsing the internet aimlessly, honestly I would rather turn off my PC if I really have nothing to do.


I understand that this might be a real problem, but too often I see really young kids, with their faces just stuffed into a phone, and I often find out, that most of them, can't even use their phones too well, in a very competent manner, which I find really worrying.


I'm older by now that most kids, and I would expect them to surpass me as far as the technical knowledge goes, but a lot of them seem to struggle even with the simplest of things to be honest. I know a lot of people who get really angry, and I actually knew a kid, who apparently snapped an actual laptop in half, just because he got pissed off.


I don't know, if it's such a big deal, then I guess it's a positive thing? I just find it strange how, this is an actual problem. I couldn't justify ever paying for microtransactions, even if a game was too grindy. I would rather, just not play it.


Why torture myself with something I don't even enjoy? I just don't see the point.


Overall, the fact that we need such a law, just seems a bit disturbing to me, and are parents so busy, and so overworked, to the point where, they can't even spend some time with their kids anymore? Man that sucks, our future is looking grim. I would rather have a bill, which stops companies, from letting you work for more than 20 hours, and you can only come to work, for up to four days in a week. I would love if Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays were all day offs. Anything more than those twenty hours, and you either should go home and rest, or you deserve more money, than whatever you are earning.


But no, let's have a bill about gambling, because THINK OF THE CHILDREN. I don't know, I feel like the problem is not being approached correctly here.


PS: It's so strange to me how people are so anti-technology, but at the same time they are pro-technology. Like they use it, if it's entertaining to them, but the moment anything goes wrong, it's all hell on earth. I'm apparently stupid because I didn't go to college, and according to most people, because I don't have a degree, it means, that I'm nothing. And yet, whenever I have to solve someone's problem, guess who people come for help to.


And it's not like I can say no, I have to figure it out, I have to help them out. I'm the house mule pretty much. It's just strange to see people struggling with normal, streamlined technology also. Sure it might take me a couple of minutes to figure out, but it's worse when people mock me, when I'm genuinely trying to learn something new, and it doesn't help when people both pressure me, and just act like they are tough shit, when I'm struggling with something (happens very often in grocery stores, say, when you have to weight your stuff alone, or at self serving cashiers, though I avoid using those, because they are badly designed, and it's faster and easier to just, wait in line - and I'm very pro automation also, but there's not really anything automatic about that, I'm just torturing myself with a bad system for the most part).


People are mean and they don't appreciate the technology we have nowdays, or the times we live in. I for one, love modern medicine. But I really think, kids gambling, is the last thing we should be worrying about. Climate change is so BAD, to the point where, lions are going extinct.





This is stupid, we need a bill to solve actual problems, not stupid worthless crap like this.

Who gives a shit about the children? THINK OF THE LIONS. OUR SEAS ARE LITERALLY BURNING AWAY.




oh no those poor children, what will they do, without their crippling gambling addiction, oh no

the lions are dying? who cares, the children are gambling, nobody cares about lions, pftt


hey, your city is looking a little bit, UNDERWATER? EHHH - yeah it's our new Atlantis tour

it's worldwide



it's free*















*not free, lots of death and misery included, oops


what are the lions gonna do, gamble our children away?

they won't, they are dead, dead lions can't gamble silly


(Not an actual spoiler, it's just for emphasis)


Anyway good job politicians, you made a bunch of nerds happy.

Too bad the planet's still dying, you dumbass.


Sorry, this whole thing is on a whole new level of stupid for me at least. This is such a minor thing right now, it's like why even bother with this, on a political level also. There are so many more problems, which actually need to be solved.


There are people in the United States, who don't have access to drinkable water. There are children who drink infested water. But no, gambling guys, THINK OF THE CHILDREN, CHILDREN DON'T NEED WATER, AND NEITHER DO ADULTS OR DOGS OR ANIMALS. IT'S THE GAMBLING GUYS, IT WAS THE BAD GUY ALL ALONG. All our problems are solved. Yaay.


I just find it though to get excited for something like this, when we have far worse problems to deal with. Again, there are people, who don't have water. It's just, ridiculous.


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Loot boxes are meh. It's the same reason I don't gamble. If I'm going to lose $20, I'd rather spend it on a sure thing.

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