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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

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The game's kinda middling in terms of content, but it can be quite fun if you enjoy it. The Sequel adds a fair bit more and has more to it, though.

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I am not sure I would recommend the sequel. It is good, but you trade out ship customization and a game mode for six-ish more factions and larger battles.


Personally, the juice for me was the removed game mode and the satisfaction of making a broken fleet through ship customization. For example: Ork Ram fleets, Tau Railgun Cucking, Imperial Torpedo Spam, Eldar Corsair Deathstars, Space Marine Boarders, and last but not least, Chaos Marine Lancers. That no longer exists, which makes me very sad, as I no longer can role play an incompetent admiral who still somehow wins through exploitation of game mechanics.

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If you played the tabletop game, you'll like this one. Who am I kidding? Nobody played the tabletop game, I hardly have.

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