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Quick Tip for Ross for his room reverb problem.

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Hi Ross,


I noticed on your recent post you mentioned you are having problems with reflection in your room.

Since I'm waiting with anticipation for the next release, I figured I could offer some advice on expediting the project.


A quick a dirty solution for you reverb problem, that actually works is to either thumb tack some towels to the walls or place your mic inside you wardrobe (with clothing) so that you are recording the voice-over facing your clothes. This way the towels or clothing should take care of the early and later reflections. Usually the latter yields better results, but the towels also remove enough acoustic energy to be effective.

If you get any other reflection they should be small enough to mask with production reverb you could add to the voice recording. After all I noticed that all of Black Mesa is made of hard surfaces, so you perhaps should have some dialogue reverb. I realise that Freeman usually is narrating with inner monologue but hey, inner monologue usually has a reverb over it anyway.

I'm hanging out for the next Freeman's Mind, I'm just doing my best to expedite your production. (Suggestive telepathy failed) LOL that's how desperate I am to see the next one.



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