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The potent desire to not suck

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hm... I usually have a notebook filled with whatever I feel. And I never read through it again, just so i can keep getting my feelings out one way or another. No one will ever figure out how I feel too. Win-win situation.

Reality is relative.

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Oh, don't worry. Just wait a few years. As developed societies implode, you'll get plenty plenty of opportunities for urban warfare.

I don't want to wait a few years, by then I might be running low on desire for anything but death...


For the urban warfare thing, get on a lot of drugs, and maybe you'll hallucinate people as zombies or something.

Why do I need drugs for that? All I have to do is walk down the street and try to talk to someone, all they respond in is some alien language. Someone once told me it was called "Spanish", so I ran... Figured they must've replaced the real him with one of their alien clone-bots...

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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