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(If you aren't creating subtitles you can ignore this)


Below are the following guidelines for creating subtitles if you want them to be considered for the "official" ones that will appear on the main site for download:


1. If you created the subtitles, add your name in the subtitles somewhere during the titles of the video. If you contributed to editing them, add your name as an editor. Do this preferably in the language of the subtitles you are submitting.


2. Unless there is a significant problem with doing so (please explain), convert your subtitles to Subripper format (.SRT) before posting. I've found this to be the most compatible across different media players, plus it is also accepted by Youtube.


3. Make sure all the lines for your subtitles are in chronological order. If you have a line inserted towards the end of the file, but the timing is for an earlier point, this can create problems with playback. In Subtitle Workshop, this can be done by clicking on Edit / Subtitles / Sort.


4. For English subtitles, please use American English (as opposed to British).


5. Try to break up extra-long sentences in multiple lines so as to reduce clutter.


6. Please add double spaces in between sentences for subtitle lines that have multiple sentences in them.


7. Hearing-impaired subtitles are not required, but are welcome as long as descriptions are not excessive. Regardless, speakers who are not visible should be identified if there are NO visual cues. So if someone is talking off-camera, they don't necessarily need to be identified. If they are talking in total darkness, through an intercom, during the credits, etc. then their identity should be listed.


8. Subtitles in foreign languages will have to be checked against approved English subtitles for the correct words before being officially approved. If the English ones do not exist at the time, then the foreign ones will have to remain in the forums until the English ones are made, sorry. This is only to ensure the most accurate subtitles are posted.


9. A small number of the episodes have timing differences between the Youtube version and the ones available for download off the site. In these cases, I'll want 2 separate copies with the timings adjusted for each (an easy function in an editor). Here are the known problematic episodes, the list will be updated as the timing differences are discovered:


-Civil Protection: Friday (Youtube version occurs approximately +4 seconds later than the downloadable copy)

-Civil Protection: Aliens (Youtube version occurs approximately +3 seconds later than the downloadable copy)

-Civil Protection Special: What Is Machinima? (Youtube version occurs approximately -2 seconds before downloadable copy)

-Civil Protection: The Tunnel part 2 (Youtube version is split into 2 parts, timing difference unknown for part 2)

-Freeman's Mind Episode 24 (timing difference unknown)

-Freeman's Mind Episode 27 (Youtube version occurs approximately +1.63 seconds later than the downloadable copy)




Finally, I highly recommend the program Subtitle Workshop for editing subtitles. It is freeware and has about every function you could want for editing subtitles.

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