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These were submitted to me by John Evans and cleaned up some by Luis Loaiza. I haven't really reviewed these yet since I noticed a problem right away. There's no distinction between Freeman speaking and the intercom speaking. This is a real problem for people who are hearing impaired, since it would make the video very confusing to follow then. My original idea was to have the intercom be in italics and Freeman be regular text, but I'm not sure that will work if the subtitles get submitted on Youtube. If someone wants to test subtitle italics on Youtube as an experiment, please post the results here. Otherwise, another method should be used to distinguish the speakers, like brackets or a colon:


[intercom] Good morning, and welcome to the




Intercom: Good morning, and welcome to the




After these get cleaned up some more, I'll review it to see if it has all the correct words.

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OK, so I went over the file, fixed a few timing and consistency problems and modified it so that whenever there's dialog from Freeman and the intercom at the same time, they are always separated by a double space.


Also, I tested the italics on YouTube. The strangest thing happened. I could swear the first time I tried it on a video, it worked. I had only modified a couple of lines, so I changed a few more and tried again... and this time the tags showed. I don't know what happened. I tried several times, always with the same result. So, I followed your suggestion and now the intercom is identified by brackets. I applied the same criteria for the security guard at the end.


I've watched the final product a couple of times and it looks OK to me, so I'll be using this file as the basis for the Spanish and Italian translations.


EDIT: I spotted and fixed I minor problem with one line reading "hub" and then "hall", another "oh" and "whoa" and a comma that disappeared in the same manner. I've uploaded the new file.

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I feel like an idiot saying this, but I simply find the subtitles too confusing using the [intercom] tag. The good news is it may be possible to have italics on Youtube afterall. I read a thread saying that if the subtitles are converted to the SAMI format, then uploaded to Youtube, the italics are preserved. If someone wants to test this, go for it; I really think italics are the best way to go with the intercom.

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