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Oh hey, Republique. I got it via Twitch; and it's an interesting game. You're helping a dissent or refugee girl flee her dystopian dictatorial Orwellian state, using the surveillance tools of that state against them to get her free. There's like five stages/chapters or so. Good art direction, though it might be seen as frustrating.

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I've tried tp play this one after getting it on Steam for free recently. And... I must say it is not a bad game. And at first I was ok with controlling two different entities (girl and camera), but...in the beginning of the second chapter it became too annoying to switch cameras or look how they switch automatically providing you with a portion of disorientation. You can scout ahead with a camera, but it may switch any moment to some inconvenient angle from another camera while girl moves. Also more than once girl were doing not what I wished from her, cause you click one spot, but there may be invisible overlap and she will go to another spot, right into the enemy (Good they are dumb and mostly blind). And from what I've seen from some reviews...this trend will continue in the other chapters and become worse. So...guess I am good.


Other things are: Story that I was not particularly interested in, and collectables that are also not interesting and mostly have no good reason to be in the game.

But game is still not bad and can provide some interesting experience...that some older games already done before, but in more interesting way (Like Lifeline).

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