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I feel insane trying to solve this issue

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The Sims 2 was clearly not programmed to work on high resolution screens. I feel like there's some value I could change in some config file or some obscure program that could fix this problem. Would you guys know of any programs or how to search for that value? I know I can just set the resolution lower, but everything ends up being blurry and I feel like I'm not wearing my glasses.

This is TS2 on a 4k display

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8 minutes ago, BTGBullseye said:

This is what I've found on the subject... I can't confirm that it works though, as I don't do those games. (not my cup of tea)


Ah, yeah that's on how to force the game to give you all the resolution options because it doesn't recognize modern graphics cards and defaults to settings meant for trash tier processors from 2004.

A lot of things about this game are broken on modern systems.

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i don't think there's a config file, it's probably some weird math (width \ 1024? to get some kind of ratio? i don't know), but i don't really have any suggestions, beyond monkeying around with a hex editor, or with cheat engine


maybe you could find the base value, used for the UI scale, if you are lucky it might be some obvious resolution (something like 800, 1024, what older games in the 2000 usually had)


if the sims 2 allows you to change the resolution in game, you could take cheat engine, do an unknown initial, change your resolution, then value decreased \ value increased for a float value (keep changing your res, higher res = increased value, lower res= decreased value), it might pin point the UI scale more easily, then you can check the assembly, and hopefully you can find more that way (right click on the value you found, select "what accesses this value", change your res in game, check the list)


you should probably set the rounding thing to "float (default)" instead of "float (extreme)"


i think hex editing is harder, seeing as that involves assembly - with cheat engine, you might get lucky with some trial and error


here's a clean download of cheat engine, if you want to give it a shot



hex editor



if you are feeling a bit more hardcore



sorry if these instructions are really rough, i have no idea if you could even find anything useful with cheat engine, but i don't know what other suggestions to give you


i wish i had more to help you with, but my approach is very trial and error-ish, seeing as i don't really have any knowledge on these topics

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