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Beautiful Desolation

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I really tried to like this game, really. The weirdness of the NPCs, the voiceacting, the menues and the sound design are just top notch. The story, however, isn't up to it. And finally the gameplay is just horrible. You have to walk all over the maps, even in corners where you have no reason to go to, just to make objects pop up near to you. If you don't have an item you need for a certain task, you just have to comb every map you've allready been to to see where you missed a spot. There's usually no indication where an object can be found and they are only visible once you walk past them. 


There's a moral system in the game. It's the kind where you can either be helpful and friendly to everyone or kick puppies - quite literally, since you have a robot dog companion you can be unreasonable emotionally cruel to. I hate moral systems like this, there's just no moral dilemma, just black and white.


People tell me that there are also awful minigames, but I never got that far. 



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