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The Blind Prophet

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Art is fantastic. I think visuals came first, and rest of the game kind of grew around it.


The city it takes place is surprisingly big and environments are wondrously detailed. Many adventure games give you a map with points of interest, but here it's all connected through alleys. Brings sense of a proper city.


Puzzles are easy but not always clear. Sometimes I knew what I've had to do, but had to examine item first for that option to work. I've ended up abusing special vision to highlight points of interest, just to make sure I've checked everything. There is also one type puzzle they've reused 3 times. Not even hard, or illogical, but...


Heaven should invest in a grappling hook.

Story is fine, but writing is weird and not very good. Characters behave like a type of character in this kind of story should act, instead of what this particular sane person should do. Not exactly consistent or well defined.


So I'm this weird priest-guy with a sword and I've just killed your friend, but she was a demon so it's ok. Also I've killed everyone in her nightclub and torched the place. Let's both joke and keep our friendship light, because that's what quirky alt-girl in this type of story should do.




It's enjoyable, especially fantastic art and the city environments, but could use more complex puzzles and better, consistently written characters.

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So now that I have completed the game all the way through I can give my full thoughts:


1. There are, unfortunately, some arcade skills required to play this. I won't say exactly what but they don't come in towards the end.


2. The main question that may make or break your decision to play this game is simple: Are you ok with basically playing a dark comic book/graphic novel.


If yes, then the story is honestly on the better side. If no, then there's a lot of things that are going to bug you.


This is a solid adventure game with some puzzles/mini games. The bullshit level on progression is pretty low, helped by the fact you can highlight all interactable items.


For comic book characters the ones within are pretty good. It really hits on this unique feel of a seasoned professional being in over his head. However, this is a game where thugs will openly laugh at atrocities and people behave like they're in a cartoon rather than reality. So it isn't realistic, but if you can accept batman is beating up" bad guys" rather than what's probably the city's poor, resorting to crime then you'll be able to roll with this story.


I give it a "Good/Great" rating.

100% is going to be a cut-rate clown

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