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Wasteland 3

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Well, here's my review for the game...


Pros: Everything that isn't in the cons list. Literally. It is a great game. If the rating system had more granularity, it's be closer to a 4.8 for me. Visuals are excellent, sound design excellent, story elements and progression excellent.


1. The camera constantly zooms in during dialogue, and doesn't automatically zoom out to where you had it. In addition, it doesn't quite zoom out far enough for my tastes.
2. The outfits are comically proportioned, and make it look like you're dealing with cartoon characters that have normal human heads. (this does not apply to most NPCs)
3. The unlimited shared, weightless inventory, while something I would really like the option to have in most games, doesn't quite feel like it is a thing that should be on all the time for all difficulty levels. I'd switch that to a startup option that is enabled for the easiest two difficulties, and disabled for the hardest. (just give it a max weight/space limit based on all character's strength put together, no need for seperate inventories)
4. Dialogue progression (not dialogue option selection) requires you to click in certain areas of the screen, (above or below the on-screen text box that is not clearly defined) and it's not intuitive to do. This is likely to be a sticking point for some players, and an annoyance to players that play the game regularly.
5. The game loses focus to Windows in the background during loading screens. This causes flickering of the Windows taskbar to show over the game itself, and the Windows loading cursor to show instead of the in-game one.
?. GOG Galaxy failed to properly download and apply the icon for the shortcut on the desktop. (this doesn't count against the game itself)


I hope some of the issues get fixed, but even if they don't, this game is worth the money IMO. The setting is much less bron, and feels more alive and realistic to me than Wasteland 2.

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