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  1. Great game. I am having a blast on the PS4.
  2. Just finished getting Platinum Trophy in Battlefront 2. It really is a neat and fun game after all.
  3. Unfortunately, most of SW fans loved it. Even those who hate Disney in general. I don't see the appeal.
  4. It seems like the #metoo movement got tired of black people getting all the attention, so they launched a new wave of attacks. Over the last several days, hundreds of women in the games industry have posted to social media about their experiences with sexual assault and harassment by peers and colleagues. In many cases, their allegations have quickly been echoed by others with similar experiences, reinforcing patterns of inappropriate behavior. These stories coincide with a similar spate of allegations of abuse in comics, pro wrestling, and other industries. For example, one women started defaming Angry Joe. Another trans person, if I understand correctly, is blaming Insomniac for bad treatment of women. Read more here. What do you think about it? Should these people create Twitter drama or maybe they must go to the authorities?
  5. Angry Joe is a funny guy that always tells the truth, no matter how ugly it is.
  6. Will there be an archived video on YouTube?
  7. I started playing Resistance: Fall of Man. Not one patch, not one, running from the original disk. Impressive!
  8. Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, Resistance 3.
  9. Killzone 3 on PS3. A very good game. I still think the second one is the best, but this one definitely has its moments.
  10. Email, I think. Yeah, she's from Poland. She can't move to the US because of her anxiety, so he moved in with her. Not really, no. He doesn't have the time. But he does learn some words and lots of words for food.
  11. Ross lives with his wife in Poland, pretty happily, too. I'd guess Poland nowadays is a much better country for living than the US.
  12. Hi, I joined after many years of lurking. I like most of Ross' content, but most of all his chats with fans. They make for comfortable listening in the background. I am from Russia. There aren't a lot of us here, I'd guess. Like my name says, I am a console gamer, which makes me an odd fellow on a forum from one of the most dedicated PC gamers out there. But what can you do, I do like my gaming machines and physical media. I am here mostly because I love forums as a format and I love discussing games.
  13. Rage 2 was fun. It was far from perfect, but it was everything I expected it to be based on trailers.
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