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I would like to see mandatory firearm training for grade school children. If they know how to properly use a gun, there will be far fewer accidents. This does not mean they would be given a gun, just be trained in their safety.
I just hope that would work.

It has in small communities across the midwest... I grew up in one of them.


The big issue isn't that people have guns, but that people exist.
That is a good point. People can make weapons out of everything. I think my main point was that I'm not saying ban guns, but instead get people to not use guns as the solution to arguments and tussles. But there will always be a percentage of the population who will do that no matter what you do.

And that last part is what gun control enthusiasts are trying to prevent, albeit without care for harming those who would never use a firearm to harm someone, except in unavoidable circumstances.

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Necrobump. Over 2 years since last post.


Would rather have gun control thoughts that appear to be arising from recent events coming her than other threads.

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Agree with BTG. Pointless to make a new thread when it fits in here. Sorry to see it's a bigger issue than ever...

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