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  1. This video by an Indian news crew shows Hamas assembling and launching a rocket from a plot of land surrounded by hotels. It also demonstrates the truth of several of the accusations leveled against Hamas. This is how Hamas intentionally sets Palestinian civilians up to be killed in retaliatory strikes in Gaza. In fact, if no one had warned the Indians, they might have been the latest casualties. (And deluded westerners would have blamed their deaths on Israel.) http://www.ndtv.com/article/world/ndtv-exclusive-how-hamas-assembles-and-fires-rockets-571033
  2. You mean the way NATO bombing caused the Yugoslavians to flock to Milosevich's banner? Oh wait, that didn't happen.
  3. I SHOULD have ignored elle because a women's fashion/gossip rag is not a source of legitimate journalism. But I read it, and it's a textbook example of someone mistaking correlation for causation, and anecdotal evidence being pretty much worthless. The IBtimes link's only significant anti-GMO citation IS the crap Seralini study. Your UMN site contains no data, and is a list of "concerns" which even it concedes remain unproven. I think next time, YOU should read what you link to, and try, maybe, to understand it.
  4. You use all caps a lot. It's a sign of anger. Which is a sign of weakness. Anger makes you stupid. And then you start thinking you're Ra's al Ghul. Yeah, that's right. You're a fucking comic book villain. And I'm the Goddamn Batman.
  5. "Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us." -- Golda Meir It hasn't happened yet, and the best proof of that is the fact that Hamas uses child labor (probably including forced labor) to build their terror tunnels, and around 160 Palestinian kids have died doing so. Denied materials to rebuild? More like "divert 800,000 tons of cement intended for rebuilding and use them to build attack tunnels instead." (By comparison, erecting Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, required 110,000 tons of concrete.)
  6. Well no wonder, if you actually believe all that Pallywood rhetoric, reality notwithstanding.
  7. Note to future societies, Do not vote for a violent gang of terrorists who violently drive out the moderate opposition, promise to abrogate all past treaties and agreements signed by your nation, and pledge ceaseless attacks upon neighbors with superior arms and equipment to you, who are "oppressing" you BECAUSE of the actions of those same terrorists. It NEVER goes well for you.
  8. He's been using his Koch so much that it's gotten all kinda Soros.
  9. Go back and re-watch that old Star Trek episode with the planet of only kids. Or, you know, "Lord of the Flies." Humans are inherently selfish, demanding, ignorant, impulsive, and blame-avoiding. They're BORN that way: I've pretty much described a baby exactly. People do what they do for the same reason we all do: Because it seemed like a good idea at the time. SOMETIMES that coincides with their best interests, but frequently not. You can't have both innocence and education, ya see. If you don't educate them, they'll die off pretty quickly. If you do, then they'll start figuring things out on their own, and pretty soon you'll be right back where you started.
  10. Much of the most recent opposition (and the French ban on GMO's) to GMO foods is based on the now-infamous and discredited "Seralini Study." It turned out to be a very poorly-done study, done by a scientist who was clearly NOT objective, using poor sample size, defective test rats, and overall garbage methodology. The only folks who still give it credit are the most uninformed of the antis. Let's play Bingo! Anti-GM and anti-vaxxers are very similar in their fear (despite great gobs of testing showing the opposite) of putting unknown chemicals in their bodies (despite their bodies naturally being filled with chemicals they can't even name, some of which are toxic.)
  11. Assad vs. ISIS. Talk about a case where you hope for MAD...
  12. The separatists shot down a plane full of civilians.
  13. "If you’re against GMO’s because you think science supports you, then you’re no different than the anti-science people who populate the global warming denier community. In fact, if you think that you have “science” supporting your nonsense beliefs about GMO’s, just understand that you use the same tactics, the same unscientific rubbish that the global warming deniers use. In other words, you use the same tactics as right wingers, which should make you proud." http://www.skepticalraptor.com/skepticalraptorblog.php/bad-science-checklist-gmo-opponents/
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