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Freeman's Mind - Episode 16

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Hello everyone!


Here are my english subtitles for Episode 16. I need your help for some lines :


(nevermind, danielsangeo helped me)


There may be other mistakes (not much hopefully), english isn't my first language ;)


[Edit] I've uploaded v2, with corrections by danielsangeo

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I went through Episode 16 and here's my opinion:


Lines 2-5: The first four sentences are actually two sentences (the "Man, I'm a VIP" line ends in a semicolon, not a period).

Line 9: "All things considered, I think" not "I thing".

Line 10: "Hah!" or "Ha!" instead of "Ah!"

Line 29: "cardboard" not "cartboard".

Between lines 30 and 31 (optional): He's whistling the song "The Man on the Flying Trapeze". You can add this or not.

Line 33: "hang glider" not "hand glider".

Line 41: "defense" not "defence". Ross said earlier that he'd like to have subtitles in American English. But, I'll let Ross decide on that one. :)

Line 49: "huh" not "uh".

Line 55: "You're a parasite" not "You're parasites"

Line 56: "Oh" not "Uh"

Between lines 59 and 60 (optional): He's whistling the Super Mario Brothers theme. You can add this or not.

Line 61: "blue-collar worker" not "blue-collar workers"

Between lines 62 and 63 (optional): He's whistling the Super Mario Brothers underground theme.

Line 71: "I'll be without a throne or heir, all because of this stupid dungeon!"

Line 74: "treasure" not "treasures"

Line 80: "Whoa whoa whoa, I'm supposed to be the stalker, not you!"

Line 82: "Perfect."

Line 94: "realistically" not "realisticly"

Line 116: "witnesses" not "witness"

Line 117: "wood shop" not "woodchop"

Line 124: "edible" not "eatable"


Sorry if it seemed like a long list. It's just my perfectionist ways coming out. Thanks for making this! :D

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Thanks a lot ! I think I corrected everything you mentioned (except the names of the songs Freeman whistles).


Don't worry about the length of the list, I want the subtitles to be as perfect as possible :mrgreen:

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