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The idiots of garrys mod and gmod idiot box

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Anyone watch these ?

I find them very funny

And when he gets to heaven,

To saint Peter he will tell;

One more soldier reporting, sir.

I've served my time in Hell!

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I don't like either of them, to be honest, just my opinion.

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Like it or leave it, The Idiot Box and Idiots of Garry's Mod have had a strong influence on the culture of games that are directly related to Machinima.com content.

Not to say that they're the most technically impressive, funniest, cleverest or most mature (because they're not) but they have been influential.

This is a nice metric server. No imperial dimensions, please.

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I watch em. I need to keep a fresh dose of stupid running through my veins at all times else I start to become normal and I hate how that feels.


And of course, I laugh my strange little ass off at everything.

Retired Forum Moderator

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Idiot Box was good like two years ago when that stuff was gaining popularity, DasBoSchitt hasn't made a new episode in a while and I honestly don't care anymore. I've gotten over it.



"There are no good reasons. Only legal ones."


VALVE: "Sometimes bugs take more than eighteen years to fix."

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Gmod Idiot Box is awesome, better than the title suggests :P



Gravity cat not amused.

I'm full of demoman! Ahahaha! BOOM!

Pills pills pills pills pills pills here!

Copy papper copy papper! :)

"Even if something sounds logical, it doesn't mean it have to be true"

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