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Hand of Fate

Ross's Notes: Good game, good atmosphere, end gets really hard, didn't beat.

Genre: RPG

Ross's rating: Good/Great

Link to game: https://af.gog.com/game/hand_of_fate

Free to play: No

GaaS: No

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Good game. And yeah, it does get pretty hard at the end. I liked the progressing of little stories step by step by unveiling new cards. Unfortunately, the dev studio went defunct on 23rd of July 2019.

If life gives you crap, make crap golems

Sizemore Rockwell, Erfworld

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This game is excellent. you're trapped in purgatory or some back room of hell and you're playing a card game with someones life. The dealer's voice performance keeps you hooked the whole time. the combat is a simple arcade mechanic and occasionally there is a section with a maze, like the kind on american gladiators but with spikes. The cards he places on the table make a path for you to try to navigate your way around. each move costs you a bit of life and you have key choices you need to make to complete quests or avoid being cursed. You can get hooked on it like you get hooked into FTL when you're trying to do a run and you get into some tight spots you arent certain you'll get out of.


I heard the 2nd one improved on it in every way. 

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It's a board game with bamham combat. It works well, although the later levels are a bit frustrating because you get bombarded with negative random events, but I may just be unlucky.

I enjoyed it, but I have conflicting feelings about it, every individual aspect of the game is rather underwhelming, but combined they are much better. I can't quite describe it.


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