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This is a good one, imagine something like Euro Truck Simulator but made into a brutal racer. You must race against the clock and against competitors when completing jobs, you have police that shoot at you if you don't stop after being caught speeding, you have Mafia that you can bribe to shoot down your rivals. Really fun.

Took me about ~7 hours to complete (i.e. achieve monopoly status).


Also: The screenshots on the linked site don't do the game world enough justice. It's diverse and feels almost like a real country.

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Lol I emailed Ross about this game a while ago. Puts Euro Truck Simulator to shame, for reasons TheYellowDucK mentioned. Feels like a surreal experience every time I boot up this game, but maybe I'm seeing something where there is nothing. It's seems like a harmless trucking simulator, but quickly you find there are sinister things going on. Best soundtrack, they got a metal band called Aria to make it. Exploration yields great rewards, don't hesitate to go off the road. 11/10 decent game.


Big downside though is that I've had trouble getting this to run on newer Windows. I did find it on gog.com as "Hard Truck 2: King of the Road", and it says it works on new windows, so your mileage may vary.

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I'm sorry I can't take the cardboard cutout dashboard seriously. Honestly I would prefer if it was just a mess of pixels instead.




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