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Bought this in the current (as of typing this) GOG sale because of Ross's rating. Can't say I'm a big fan. Several puzzles are unintuitive, and some mechanics are introduced poorly. The story is rather silly, though the voice-acting of the player-character is superb, they really put heart and effort into their performance. Level design is swing-and-miss. Some levels, especially the Lovecraftian ones, are gorgeous, though several of these levels, and others, can be unnecessarily large. "Combat" and chase sequences aren't all that tense and feel out of place. It feels like they were added just for the sake of having something tense/a "survival" aspect in a quasi-horror game. Conundrum, another first-person Lovecraftian horror, had no combat nor chase sequences, but was far scarier and more tense than this game. A somewhat competent first-person puzzler, I don't think it's as good as Q.U.B.E., and certainly not in the same league as Portal. Had more frustrating moments than enjoyable moments, but overall felt rather neutral/lackluster over it. Was a good time-waster, but can't see myself playing ever again.

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Oh, so it is not just another Portal clone. Well, I had no patience to get through bunch of puzzles and elevator loading (they load each elevator as  separate level...it becomes old fast). Maybe later. Puzzles are good, but I don't like puzzles just for puzzle sake. and there were no puzzles related to this "space mission" they were talking about (or was it Mars mission?). Just basic stuff

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