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I liked it a lot, taking the narrative full center was a pretty good choice and the actors manage to actually portray real characters even though you never see faces or actual models.

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The game reminds me of What Remains of Edith Finch or Firewatch, except in outer space. It's a narrative driven, storytelling game where you play as Amy Ferrier, a sub-contractor working for Venturis, who is assigned to the Tacoma space station to investigate why the 6 person crew had to abandon the station.


You uncover bits of the story through the Tacoma's AR device that allows you to re-create events that happened on the station leading up to the evacuation by super-imposing the player into those events as if they were there with the crew. You travel from one station module to another through the main hub area and uncover more clues and information about the crew and their lives on the station.


I won't spoil the ending because ultimately, I'm going to recommend you play this game, but the idea of a setting where megacorporations having a major influence on society (such as space travel/habitants and augmented reality) with the mentality of gaining political power, profits and pushing their own personal agenda at all costs, is all too real and insidious when you reach the game's conclusion.


The voice acting in the game is well done. The performers do an excellent job of coming across as real people with genuine emotions, despite the character models looking like colour-coded, low-polygon creations.


This is another game that I would love to explore in VR, specifically the hub area where you're floating around in zero gravity.


Tacoma tells a really great story, despite it's length (you can finish the game in about an hour and a half) and putting it at the forefront was a smart decision that paid off.


Overall, I'd give this game a rating of Fantastic.

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One of the best "walking simulators" I've played. The story, characters, voice acting and visuals are all good as others have mentioned but I think the part where it outdoes other games of its kind is, ironically, the gameplay. It really makes use of the unique traits of the medium of videogames to tell its story rather than just being a straightforward linear narrative.


Also, I have to thank it for introducing me to the band Floating Room.

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