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Planetside 2 play session September 2016

Here’s the latest Planetside 2 footage, for those that are interested. We ended up conquering a continent this time, though it probably wasn’t because of us. I’m still brainstorming ways to try and spice up the game in the future. I’d like to try and set up a mobile base, but that may take more coordination than we currently have. AMore real videos coming in the near future, hopefully one this month.

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We ended up conquering a continent this time


And that is the start of Ross's era.

Jokes aside, get the veteran players to teach the new players when they got some free time. The idea is that people can follow simple orders: directions,hold, more medics...etc. Simple commands that can make a difference. Them you need people on the other teams to give info. This info could be sent to some sort of team speak program, to the vets that will send the noobs tho shower bullets over this points.


That i say because, imagine for a moment here...imagine if this planet side session, if they had a war cry about not killing games. If you guys (not just Ross, but all the players that know how to play) can get something amazing to be done, well, maybe this could help the message. I'm just saying...

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Why don't you use the game 'No Man's Sky' for future online meetups! Oh wait, nevermind.

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So, is there a confirmation of when the next video chat session will happen? Saturday or Sunday? At which time?

The next videochat will be on Oct 1st, 4pm EST, and videochats will be Saturdays from now on.

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