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Serious Giveaway

GOG recently reached out to me to offer to give some games away on a stream as a way to promote their winter sale. I usually try to give you guys free games when convenient, so I accepted. As for the stream, I thought I would use this an excuse to attempt a “stunt stream” where I’ll see if I can beat the last level of Serious Sam: The Second Encounter on serious difficulty using only one life. At the end of it, I’ll giveaway games to people in the stream. There will be 20 games total (10 game, 2 copies each). They gave me a list to pick some out from, so I tried to guess and pick the ones I thought fans would most want to play. 

This will be happening at 5PM UTC on December 26th on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. If you only want to show up for the games, I don’t know when that will be, but it will probably take me at least an hour to get through the level, if I can do it.

Christmas episode will be out before then!

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This is absolutely awesome. Watching Ross play Serious Sam will be the best New Year present, forget free games.


P.S. Ross's original plan was to beat the last level of SS:SE with one life, period. The "on serious difficulty" part actually came from me, when I misunderstood him and started to unwillingly spread misinformation among the other fans (a-la "Ross only covers old DOS games" from CarnEvil episode) rofl.gif

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This is the first time I have realized how far this little project has come since the old days of Civil Protection. 

Back by popular demand!

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A deal with GOG, nice.


But be careful of future deals you may get from other sites.

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