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Hey everybody; well as I mentioned before I’m going to be moving, except it’s going to be quite soon now. Starting Monday I’m going to be driving over 1000 miles to seek my fame and fortune, or at least to get into a situation which will allow me more time to make videos. I’m really hoping my car won’t break down by the side of the road and I get killed by raiders, but we’ll just see what happens. Assuming I make it to my destination, my internet access will be kind of sketchy for a little bit until I get everything straightened out.

The first part of the Noesis tutorial is done on my end, I’m told it will be coming out soon. I was hoping to have them both done at about the same time, but it looks like there may be a couple weeks delay. This one coming out will definitely be the more technical one. It’s going to cover how to animate with the Source SDK, the other guide is going to cover everything else I do in machinima EXCEPT that. I’ll give more details about them once they get closer to release.

My new mantra is going to be “August”. August is when I plan to finish the Noesis guide by, and will consequentially be when I really start getting back to work on CP again. I’m excited about this since it’s been on hold forever and now I’ve got more good people helping than ever before. I’m not making promises at this point, but it is my goal to be producing at LEAST two videos a month once the tutorial is done. Most of these will just be Freeman’s Mind, but it’s my goal to get all the groundwork done on the CP episodes, let other people take over the animation/mapping work in different areas, then while they’re working on it, I should have time for FM.

Finally the new website is making progress, but the person helping me with the code is going to be moving too and won’t be available to work on it again until mid-August. If I’m lucky, we should have the website up in late August, but it could take as long as September depending on how everything goes.


Youtube Version

640x480 WMV download link (66MB)

EDIT: Download link now fixed

Well I’m still very busy with the Noesis tutorial, but I made enough time to get another Freeman’s Mind episode done. This will be the last video I make before I finish the tutorial. I realize things have been pretty slow, but once the tutorial’s done you can expect a BIG increase in the frequency of video releases. Speaking of which there’s going to be so much covered in the tutorial it’s actually mushrooming into 2 different guides. One will cover nothing but Faceposer and Hammer, the other will go over everything else (writing, sound editing, camerawork, etc.).

Also I was interviewed a month or so ago for an online magazine article. I’ve been informed it’s been published and you can check it out here. I thought it was a little odd that he seemed to focus most of his article on my stuff, but he mentions some other good machinimas in there as well. Notably “The Monad” by Sam Goldwater (which is the best machinima drama I’ve seen) and “Hey Shipwreck!” by Patrick Hrabe, of which I really enjoy his series.

Finally I haven’t forgotten about the website, subtitles, or Civil Protection itself, I just have a big juggling act going on with all the work I have to do. Good things are coming.

Well Noesis has given me the go-ahead to release the supplemental video to go with the tutorial, so here it is:

low quality (Youtube)
medium quality (86MB WMV)

It’s a short comedy about a gas station in space with a variety of characters. The goal here was to create something funny using a whole range of the custom models Noesis already had available. Since they ranged from a skeleton and a dwarf to a robot and alien I tried to come up with an environment weird enough so that they wouldn’t all seem out of place. I think it worked, I almost look at this as a video casserole.  Anyway, I hope you like it, and when the tutorial is done you’ll hopefully be able to learn how we made this.

We’re still planning one or two more promotional videos for the tutorial, though this is the main one. Meanwhile I’ll still be working on the tutorial itself, so for better or worse, everything else is going to be on hold until then.
tened out.

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