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Well I was originally planning to wait until I released the next episode before I made another entry, but I keep getting requests for one despite answering questions in the comments (I don’t have a forum). First off, Episode 4 is getting close to done, I plan to have it out in less than a week. It’s an obvious step up production-wise from the others and so far I’m pretty pleased with how it’s looking.

That said, working on this episode turned into somewhat of a negative experience for me. It feels like I’m wasting so much time setting up the scene, animating mundane things, and constantly working around the bugs and shortcomings of the Source engine. While I did have some help on this one, I didn’t see the workload savings I was hoping for. This episode will span multiple maps and I invested at least a month in simply creating one of the maps. What it boiled down to mainly was that most people weren’t able to spare the same kind of psychotic time devotion to this that I was, or that communication wasn’t very good in that I would have to explain things in such detail or correct existing work that it would be faster to do it myself. Ultimately I think it’s a safe estimate that I ended up doing about 95% of the work on this episode.

The reason I don’t update more frequently is because I don’t want dozens of updates and no progress to show for it. I’m becoming very frustrated with the production rate since mine is horrific. Machinima is supposedly a time-saving medium, but so far I’m not seeing any of it. For these reasons, after I release Episode 4, I’m going to put the series on hold until I find a better way of producing these. I’m convinced there are better techniques out there, since I think most machinima makers don’t seem to have the same kinds of problems I do, which makes me think I must be doing something wrong. I’m going to explore different options after I finish this and I will probably have to learn new software in order to do so. Right now, the process is simply too time consuming for me to keep it up for much longer the way it is. As it is, in making the first 3 episodes, it was essentially a solid burn where I just sacrificed my free time in order to make it happen. To put it in perspective, I’m an avid movie fan and I’ve only watched 2 movies since I stated making this in October. While that’s not a hardship or anything, it does discourage me from wanting to make more of these episodes. I feel like most of the time I spend on these episodes is the result of not having the right tools or resources for what I’m trying to do, so this is what I’m going to focus on in the future otherwise the work/production ratio will be too much for me to want to continue doing this in the future. The best analogy I can make is that I feel like I’m trying to cut down a forest with a hatchet and I want a chainsaw.

Well I’ve been getting a few requests for an update, so here’s what’s going on. I didn’t make the contest deadline, I ran into too many delays. I’m still working every day on getting the next episode out, but it’s just much more involving in terms of what I’m doing. Without spoiling anything, here was my original plan for the next two episodes:

-Episode 4: Should completely rock, I won’t be able to top this one for a long time
-Episode 5: Still pretty damn cool (I think)

That’s changed since then, since I’ve mainly been developing episode 5, so that will be the new episode 4. As for the original (confused yet?) episode 4 idea, I still plan to do it, but I’m thinking about postponing it, just because it’s going to take forever and a day to animate. I have no shortage of episode ideas, so I may work on something I can produce a little faster first. On top of this, I’ve been approached by a couple people about different projects that sound promising (I won’t reveal who, they’re all hush-hush), so that may steal more of my time away.

On top of this, I’m going to be moving soon, which means I’ll have to start job-hunting again so I can hopefully find something better than flipping burgers. So, I’m going to be pretty busy, but getting the next episode out is still my top priority outside of reality. I have NOT stopped working on it, and will finish it as soon as I can, even if that may be another couple weeks. If you really want these things to come out faster, try and harass somebody you know who really understands Source (the engine for Half-Life 2) so I can get some help with the animating. Again, thanks for watching!


Here’s the third episode that I originally intended to have done before the 2nd, but here it is anyway. I meant for this one to have slick motion blur, but I would have taken my computer an eternity to do it right, so I just shot it and released it as it is. WARNING: This episode is not suitable for all audiences, it contains singing. It’s over with pretty quickly though, and I promise that this will be the first and last time Mike sings. As for Dave, well, I’ll keep it to a bare minimum in the future. Unfortunately it’s going to be a while before Episode 4 because I have something big planned for that, so imagine I’m dead or something so you won’t expect it too soon. Enjoy!

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