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I was able to get access to a webcam recently, and thought some of you might find this comparison interesting. I’ve seen some comments for Freeman’s Mind saying how my voice doesn’t sound like how they think Freeman’s should, well at I at least look the part:



It’s not exact, but Freeman has about 2 years on me, plus he’s fictional. Anyway, work is progressing on the next Civil Protection episode and I’m hoping to have another Freeman’s Mind episode before the end of the month.

EDIT: I don’t think I’ll have a new FM episode out by March afterall, but only because I’m working on the next CP episode.


Youtube version

640x480 WMV version

Well I’ve finished the project I was working on so now I’m back to work on Civil Protection. I know I said the next release was going to be a CP episode, but there’s still a lot I need to do and I hate going so long without releasing anything, so here’s the longest and my new favorite episode of Freeman’s Mind so far. This one has a little more language in it for those of you that care about that sort of thing. Since the game Half-Life has unavoidable mature content, the episodes for Freeman’s Mind will be around a PG-13 to R rating, while Civil Protection will be around a PG to PG-13 rating. I make no promises however.

For those of you still waiting for more CP, thanks for your patience. Multiple episodes are in production along with a cameo appearance in an upcoming Half-Life 2 mod. Believe it or not I want to get the episodes out just as much as some of you want to see them. Just because you don’t see frequent updates here doesn’t mean I’m not working on it. I’m kind of bad at time estimation, but I will be trying to get at least one more video out this month, so I guess check back at the end of the month.

Well I’m still not done with this project that’s been keeping me so busy, but I’m getting close. Since some people are wanting updates, here’s what I plan to work on or look into once I’m done with the current job I’m working on:

Unfinished Episodes: There are currently 2 episodes that are partially completed that I want to go back and finish before making too many new ones. I have plenty of good ideas for new episodes, I just don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.

Simultaneous Production: One of the animators in a previous episode has gone and founded his own machinima group, who has expressed an interest in helping to produce CP episodes. Since I’m already working with some good people on other episodes, I’m going to try and manage two projects at the same time, letting his group handle most of the production. This is an experiment, but it may lead to good things.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: I’ve been wanting to play this game since it uses the same engine as Half-Life 2. I’m going to see how much material it has for me to work with and if things look good, I may start a fantasy oriented series within it. If I do, it will also be comedy and will still have Mike and Dave, but maybe as guards in a more medieval setting.

Freeman’s Mind: While the writing is more difficult and the format is less interesting than my other ideas, it has the shortest production time of anything else I do, so I plan to continue it interspersed with other projects.

New Website Design / Subtitles: People are still working on this, hopefully it will be done before too long. Thanks to all the volunteers translating and your patience with this.

Other Game Engines: I use the Half-Life 2 engine primarily because it has better animation tools included with it than a lot of other games. If I have time I’d like to research other options. If anyone has experience doing animation in other games and thinks an engine in particular would be good to work with, please email me with more information. If you’re at this site, you’ve probably seen what I can do with the Source engine, so it would have to be roughly comparable to that.

That’s it for now, It might take about a month before I have anything to release again, but once things get going, I’d say to expect more machinima from me than ever before.

Well due mainly to a bunch of requests I’ve gotten to continue Freeman’s Mind, I guess I will continue it afterall. While I understand it’s not everybody, it seems a good chunk of people like it more than I would have expected. I still plan to continue on Civil Protection and focus on that primarily, but this will be nice to release in between the times it’s taking so long to get a CP episode out. Unfortunately I’m not working on either right now, I have other work I have to take care of first, but plant to get back to the series soon.

In the meantime, I could still use help on the webpage for any of you that are familiar with blogspot. I had one guy helping me who vanished, and another guy is helping me now, saying an additional person would be good too. So if you know all about html/blogspot, send me an email at [email protected]. Also while I was planning to do it myself, I won’t have a lot of time to work on the graphics for the site (buttons, banner, etc.) If you do graphic design and want to help work on the layout of the new webpage, email me too. I may want to see samples of your work however. That’s all for now, I’ll put another post up when I’ve resumed working on the series again.


Well here’s the second and possibly last episode of Freeman’s Mind. Despite the majority of people liking it, I don’t like having to make everything a monologue and then time it to the footage. It’s going to be a while because I have a lot of other work to do, but the next video I plan to release will be another Civil Protection episode. I hope to have the website updated and subtitles up before that however. Oh and for those who wonder about the term Freeman uses in this video, it’s “quantum chromodynamic gauge invariant Lagrangian”

Low Quality version (Youtube)

High Quality version (83MB WMV)

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