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A lot of you know that bugs in the source engine are nothing new when it comes to my videos, but I honestly wasn’t expecting them to affect Freeman’s Mind. Lo and behold, Half-Life Source has a bug where if you’re recording a demo, it causes the tongues on almost all barnacle models to shrink up, even though in-game they’re still hanging down, just invisible (try it yourself). This interrupts my usual production method, so I’ve contemplated the alternatives:

1. Ignore it (which isn’t a great option since there are a lot of them in the game)
2. Use fraps to record footage instead (not a good option for me since I always get SOME stuttering this way)

3. Record the game in Half-Life original (not a bad option, but the effects won’t be quite as nice, plus recording will be more of a pain)
4. Export the footage in-game without using demos (best option, but no more motion blur)

So what this comes down to is demo recording in Half Life Source is bugged, so I won’t be able to rely on it for all the episodes. So if you’re wondering why there’s no more motion blur in the next episode, this is it. Also as a standing offer, if anyone can FIX this problem with barnacles and demo recording, I’ll add your name to the credits of every future episode of Freeman’s Mind that has barnacles in it, which will probably be a lot.

Well here’s the latest episode of Freeman’s Mind. I’m happier with the pacing on this one and it doesn’t feel quite as crammed as the last one. This one has a little more language, but Freeman has to put up with more in this episode too. As long as people are interested in it, I hope to keep doing a lot more of these. I plan to have another one out sometime this month, then a new Civil Protection episode either at the end of the month or else early January. 

Hey people, here are the updates I was talking about. First and foremost, I have to finish the second Noesis guide so I can free up more time to work on machinima. I’m getting close, but it might be another week or two, but after that there will be a big jump in production. Here’s what you can expect coming:

Freeman’s Mind - I can get these out much faster than CP and I really need to step up the pace if I’m going to get through all of the Half-Life series. I’m hoping to have another one out by the end of the month, then a lot more out after that, but I’m not setting any deadlines since that’s already backfired on me before.

Civil Protection shorts - I may release some CP episodes that are very short in nature. I’m not sure whether I want to count these as actual episodes or not, but I’d like to be able to release more of CP without it taking forever. Depending on how much time volunteers have to work on it, this could also come out this month, but I’m making no promises.

15+ minute episode - this will be the scary episode, called “The Tunnel”. It’s already been partially produced, but it still has a ways to go. This will likely be the next big episode to come out. I was originally hoping to release this by Halloween, but that’s not going to happen now because of everything else I have to do. I’m hoping it can be done by sometime in November.

20+ minute episode - this one is also partially produced, it will be called “Open Forum” (as in the Greek kind, not an internet one). It will mainly focused on dialogue and will introduce several new characters. It will also require a lot of facial expressions, which I’m leaving to someone better at that than myself. So when this one comes out depends on how busy everyone is, but I haven’t forgotten about it.

New website - work has resumed on this again, it might come out this month, but it depends on whether the person helping me will have time to finish the coding and if I have time to make a new logo for it.

I also have a ton of other ideas of things I’d like to do, but that’s what’s going to be coming in the semi-near future. For everyone frustrated with the pace of things so far, I feel the same way.

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