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  1. somebodyaswell liked a post in a topic by Ross Scott in Temporary setbacks   
    This is just a minor update to let people know there may be a short delay on the next videos, but Freeman's Mind should be next.  I almost wasn't going to make this post, since people might think I was making it up.   The short version is the mold returned.  We almost sure it's because of humidity (it hit 91% a couple days ago and it's been 81% in our apartment despite having windows open).  We have JUST had a dehumidifier delivered which I'm hoping solves things.
    In addition, I became suspect of my desk, which might have been harboring some of it, so I'm currently typing on stacked end tables (I actually edited Death's Hangover like this, it wasn't pleasant).  And due to me not acting fast enough, my headphone support bracket has also snapped, so my headphones are compromised as well.  If someone has access to a 3D printer with strong plastic material and would be interested in printing small parts for me, please email me, especially if you're in Europe, I can pay for shipping.  Here's a link to the 3D print model I need.
    Even if none of this happened, I was planning on getting some more sound absorbent material to cut down on echo anyway, which can take time to ship. 
    ADHD version: Ross is having a delay, could use a 3D printed part.

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  2. EightInchNails liked a post in a topic by Ross Scott in Oil and its future implications   
    Looks like a pretty solid paper, I'll go ahead and sticky it. I can't really find fault with anything in here. I have heard a lot of different stories on natural gas however since there have been some HUGE discoveries since about 2009, so it's hard to say how that will play out. If you don't get an A then something is wrong with your professor.
  3. EightInchNails liked a post in a topic by Ross Scott in Peak Oil 101   
    Many people aren't aware of what's meant by "peak oil." I'm using it to refer to the point when our oil production is at its maximum. What happens AFTER that point is a big unknown, but it's probably not good. Here's some general information if you want to know more about it
    - Good Wikipedia Article

    This is a little dated and I don't agree with everything that's said here 100% (especially regarding the energy comparisons), but it explains the concepts behind peak oil pretty well. 
    - Civil Protection: Oil's Well the video I created (and the ONLY video with a "message" I ever plan to make) that sums up what peak oil means. It was originally made for an environmental contest where I had to list a solution. In reality I'm not sure there really is a solution to this unless everyone were to lower their standard of living, which I don't see happening voluntarily.
    - The Oil Drum - Website with a TON of information on this, though it can be hard to sift through a lot of it.
  4. zax_courier liked a post in a topic by Ross Scott in Hey We're Launching a Bit Bare   
    No, we're safe, that was a different episode.
  5. The Britain liked a post in a topic by Ross Scott in Hey We're Launching a Bit Bare   
    I'm 10 kinds of busy at the moment (hope to have working refrigerator soon to put in perspective).  I'll just say everything (downloadable files, past articles, etc.) will come back, it just may not happen all at once.
    daniel: I do remember some animated avatars being distracting, I may have to stick with static ones.
    Luis: The website is going to get an awesome promotion + video later on, but not now, this is all going to roll out gradually.  The promotion will be related to a feature I have planned later that I think a bunch of people are going to like and may permanently increase traffic.
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