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  1. Ended the six month relationship on good terms, but with lots of tears. Now sitting in a fraternity meeting listening to young men talk about their feelings and getting all metaphysical.
  2. Contemplating whether or not I should end a six month relationship
  3. This shit gives me Fallout vibes out the ass and the whole album is really fuckin weird and I love it kPPL3yq_h-o
  4. fuck me that sounds good The whiskey was fucking gross the DP was necessary to mask it but yeah it was okay. Better with rum by a country mile tho
  5. About to down some whiskey/Dr. Pepper before I go into work
  6. She's 20. I used the word child in a maturity sense, not a literal sense. But yeah, I could easily do her job but I don't have the time or desire to manage a store since I'm taking classes at the moment. Just gotta clock in and clock out and have some fun while I'm there lol. It's a good job most of the time, crap just happens every once in a while.
  7. Word of advice, especially since you're going to Uni soon and will have to take writing courses. Don't state opinions as though they're facts. It makes you come off as an asshole and is a logical fallacy, especially when the statement is very strongly worded. I think Korra was a fantastic show, as do a large majority of people I know. Change of subject: I started watching Children of the Whales, first episode had a good setup and the show concept leaves a lot of space for expansion and exploration. Excited to see where it goes.
  8. No but he did like to kick it with hookers
  9. Drank 2 beers before class and realized how little I've eaten today
  10. Korra was a splendid show from my perspective. I'm honestly not sure if you said that just to provoke people because most everybody agrees it's a god damned masterpiece of a show. It's darker than Airbender, for sure, but part of that is that it grew with its audience. The kids who watched Airbender as it was being made then watched Korra as young adults, now aware of the fine details and harsh realities of the world.
  11. Lazy day, then went to work and did very little since all the college kids are out of town on spring break still. Then I drank a lot and watched Netflix and now I'm drunk browsing the internet.
  12. She's just like that a lot. She's still a child and needs to learn to mature and make adult decisions considering she's in charge of the whole damn place half the time.
  13. Lol lame someone already made that joke in this thread
  14. Jesus became an undead monotreme rabbit and deposited his unborn children into various places on our property. It is time to hunt for them and then feast on the flesh of animals.
  15. I saw AICO recently. It was pretty darn tootin' groovy. Nothing amazing or groundbreaking, but a solid show nonetheless.
  16. I wrote a haiku while depressed about a year ago 泣く時は その時だけに 気持ちある Translation: Whenever I cry, I find that's the only time, I feel anything
  17. Lying in bed with a good buzz trying to tire myself out until I sleep.
  18. Whiskey used to make me suicidal, but it was mostly over the intrusive, irrepressible notion that I would die alone. I'm in a stable relationship now so that doesn't happen as much and I really enjoy whiskey for the taste. We're a little OT tho, so to vent: Some guy came into our restaurant blasted (which is totally normal, I live, work and learn in a college town) Problem was he was driving. Better yet he was driving the wrong way on a one-way street. My coworkers tried to "help him out" and told him to turn his car around (which was parked wrong) and served him and whatever. I told them after the guy had walked to the back of the dining area (we do fast food sub sandwiches) that if he looked like he was going to drive I was gonna call the cops. I ended up doing it, the cop came and made the whole group uber home, and I felt good that I had kept someone from potentially ruining or taking the lives of themselves or somebody else. But my manager was a complete bitch to me for the rest of the night and I have no fucking clue what I could've done wrong in her eyes that merited her acting so pissy.
  19. Trying to wade through the sea of shit that is the League of Legends community and finally win a promo series.
  20. You won't be as active, I can assure you of that. But it's not the most horrendous thing. Join a club, meet some people, do some (responsible) underage drinking, maybe have some casual sex, maybe get a gf/bf. The campus is your world is your oyster my dude. It's a good time if you put in the effort to get involved. And it will get stressful at points. Big projects and exams will all seem to come in the same week. Your caffeine intake will increase 10-fold. You'll learn what it's like to not sleep for 50 hours. But it's all worth it because at the end of 4 years of extreme highs and lows, you'll get a piece of paper that tells you you're smart
  21. Dicking down League Players before work.
  22. I just come for the good people and time burning potential. I don't fux with that drama shit the way I used to anymore. I miss Bl1ghty, tho I think he comes around once in a blue moon.
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