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  1. Haven't been on these forums for a while, but massive congratulations to you both on getting married! All the best and hope you have a lovely (and extended, man, do you ever take extended time off from this?) honeymoon!
  2. Thanks for all the episodes Ross! Have a happy New Year and get some rest Looking forward to whatever's coming next. And I think it has to be said, you've definitely ended on a strong note, great episode to finish with.
  3. That must have been an absolute nightmare. I had not a clue with pretty much anything said by the in-game characters. You are a hero!
  4. I don't do this nearly enough (or at all, come to think of it), so thank you very much danielsangeo for your ever- and omnipresent subtitles! And thanks to HLPrincess for adding them to the youtube videos as well I like having subtitles, they seem to somehow reassure me.
  5. Thanks for the subs and bonus points for the Airplane reference Today seems a good day for jokes, somehow.
  6. I don't think a proxy is enough to circumvent the block; as far as I know, you'd need someone from outside the country to actually send you the data, as providers are blocking everything that's coming from YouTube. Maybe Ross could provide JudasPhysicist with an early exclusive download link though?
  7. Hang on, Notch is a Ross Scott fan? Puns aside, Notch has just gone up a notch in my book.
  8. I tend to buy games in cheap sales anyway (hooray for Steam!), so enjoyability is a lot more important criterion for a game than price for me. I'm not going to spend my time playing a game I don't enjoy, whereas I'll happily buy a game I do enjoy even if it offers only a couple of hours of gameplay. Alternatively: 'get into', not 'get' : P. Or is that my confusion and does that phrasal verb not mean what I think it does?
  9. BTG, Atvis: I'm going to say that you're both WAY too optimistic as far as the sales:votes ratio goes. I'm sure you remember the Freeman's Mind Gathering Ross organised some time ago - if I recall correctly the ratio of people actually visiting to those that said that they would visit was roughly 1:400. Now I think there's reason to expect a significantly better ratio in this case, but as an upvoter myself I have to admit that whether I'll buy this pack or not also depends on whether I'll be able to get into DOTA or not when this pack releases. Hopefully Valve do make this happen, though, as until then the ratio of buyers:voters will remain rather low anyway...
  10. Your choice of smiley seems a bit off there, HLPrincess. O_o
  11. Two slightly popular guys!? That channel has over 550 000 subscribers! That's probably a larger fanbase than we are, and let's face it, the potential customer base really isn't going to be much larger than the fanbase. In fact, that's probably going to be Valve's biggest issue with this - that aside from to Freeman's Mind fans, they're not going to sell a lot of these. I hope this won't have to wait for a year and a half...
  12. I for one enjoyed most of the lines in the trailer : D. Also, you just broke 6000 votes... better have that Freeman's Mind episode at the ready!
  13. OK, I've been able to find and upvote (is that a word?) the announcer pack! However, I noticed that it doesn't show up under the 'announcer' category. To make it easier to find you should probably add an 'Announcer' tag to the pack, if you can. Thanks for the time and effort you put into this side project, Ross! Looking forward to hearing Freeman yell about towers and barracks.
  14. I think it's a great idea, but unfortunately I don't play DOTA. I really hope there is a significant enough part of FM fans that do to convince you!
  15. I wouldn't have guessed, but two days ago was Episode 43's first anniversary... and I've been waiting from the moment it was released. I'm still hoping there'll be a downloadable copy some time, but since Ross is currently releasing an episode every two weeks, while simultaneously working on a mystery project and messing up his own computer, I would expect he doesn't have a LOT of time to also work on downloadable copies of older episodes. So it might still be a while.
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